Official: McCabe and a 4th rnd pick in 2010 for Van Ryn

Official: McCabe and a 4th rnd pick in 2010 for Van Ryn

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The long-awaited deal is finally official after it received the stamp of approval from the league. Bryan McCabe and a 4th round pick have been sent to the Florida Panthers in exchange for defenseman Mike Van Ryn.

The deal is a case of taking care of unfinished business for Cliff Fletcher who’s taken his next measure in doing away with the leadership core that has failed the organization in its post-lockout years. Fletcher has been able to turn a long-term salary cap burden into a cheaper, younger and more movable asset at the price of a 4th round pick. That’s not a bad bit of business for my money.

I may be in the minority, but factor in the fact that Jacques Martin held all the leverage in negotiations and I think Fletcher did quite well here. Van Ryn is no slouch and I believe he’s been heavily underrated by armchair GMs across the web-o-sphere.

A parting of ways seemed apposite for both sides at this point, with the Leafs looking to manifest a new identity and McCabe in desperate need of a change of scenery to try to re-align a career in limbo.

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