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    Mixed results are often the signature of a re-building hockey club. Games one and two of the ’08/’09 campaign could not have illustrated that truth any more patently for the in-flux Maple Leafs.

    The confidence gained from Thursday’s 3-2 triumph in Detroit quickly receded in the ACC last night, as the Leafs could only maintain their tight-checking, fast-skating aggression for a mere half-period before the impressive Canadiens took over and never looked back.

    After conceding two goals in quick succession, the Maple Leafs looked flummoxed. The gameplan went out the window and scramble mode took root. It’s clear that leadership has yet to be established in this group as a nervous-looking group of youngsters lost their bearings and couldn’t regroup. This tentativeness seemed to lead to penalties and giveaways. Credit to them, however, as they never gave up despite the daunting score-line… read more.

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