The MLHS Free Agency Contest

The MLHS Free Agency Contest

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This is your chance to rise above the rest as the most knowledgeable MLHS user outside of Alec Brownscombe and win the authentic new Leafs jersey in the process.

Here is how the contest will work:

Pick three signings (not including re-signings) you think Brian Burke will make this off-season and include a prediction for both the length and the salary figure of the contracts. List the salary per annum. Should the contract be front or back loaded, we will use the pro-rated cap hit figure as the correct salary (in any cases where the salary and cap hit differ, we will use the cap hit). The winner will be decided via a points-system:

Points System Per Prediction
1 Point
– Correct player
1 Point – # of contract years predicted is correct
1 Point – Predicted salary is within 500k of actual salary
Bonus Point – Predicted Salary is within 100k of actual salary

The jersey will be ordered on August 1st after the winner is decided and he or she supplies sizing, preferred name/number details and home or away colour choice. You can go with any Leaf player, your own preferred customization or “MLHS, #1″ if you want to be in my good books. This should assure the winner has it on his or her back in time for the start of the season.

Here is a full list of available free agents for your referral.

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