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Saying Goodbye.


From my friend, MarkUKLeaf (Mark Rackham):
As many of Leaf Nation now knows, we have just lost a great friend,  a wonderful young lady with a great sense of humour who bled blue and white. Not forgetting of course her LOVE for Grabovski. No matter how she felt, whatever YOU were feeling and how YOU were doing, was always more important to her. She battled so bravely against something so cruel.  It just isn’t fair we lost someone so awesome, so young. I can count myself lucky to have known her better than most though not as well as some. Any words I can try to write here will not do her life justice but I will miss our chats and her awesome British sarcasm. Her final tweets have been compiled at the link below. These last tweets were posted today by her brother with Sam’s wishes after she had passed away. I hope he doesn’t mind me sharing the link here: http://farewellfriends.wordpress.com/For me, this says more about Sam than I ever could.
Leafs Nation lost a truly wonderful person today. So wonderful in fact, it inspired all of Leafs Nation to bond together in one simple message: #OMGrabovski. I didn’t get to know Sam as well as I wanted to, but just talking to her made me realize how brave she truly was. Even if you didn’t know her, all you really need to know is even with all she was going through, all that she faced, she still carried with her a tremendous sense of humor and found the time to touch almost every person she had any contact with. That was Sam. A true leaferbeleafer.
Goodbye Sam, your friend,

Mislav Jantoljak

Sincere condolences from everyone at the MLHS, our thoughts and prayers go out to the family.

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