Tim Connolly Pulled From Marlies Lineup

Tim Connolly Pulled From Marlies Lineup

Perhaps Tim Connolly gets a shot at a new NHL opportunity now that he’s so close to his contract’s expiration (only owed about $7-00,000 from here on out). Seems doubtful the Leafs get anything more than a conditional late pick, if it happens.

In the latest Kiprusoff news, RDS’ Rene Lavoie is reporting the following:

Needless to say, this doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Contracts cannot be restructured or adjusted in the NHL under the current CBA, nor could Kiprusoff be bought out under the amnesty provision and then re-signed by the same club to a higher figure than the $1.5 million he is set to earn in 2013-14. If Lavoie is referring to an extension here, the two sides could not hash that out until July, at which point Kiprusoff would be in the final season of his deal.

As always, there’s a lot of white noise around deadline time. It’s likely the Leafs contacted Kiprusoff attempting to ascertain if he has any interest in coming to Toronto and what his intentions are after the season (retirement or not). Before we castigate Nonis here, just how serious the Leafs are about this, if Kiprusoff will even leave Calgary, and if there’s any interest in keeping Kiprusoff beyond the season (there’s the buyout option if he isn’t retiring), are complete unknowns at this time.

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