Questions for Dave Morrison

Photo: Reuters

I will be conducting my annual interview with Maple Leafs Director of Amateur Scouting Dave Morrison later this afternoon.

Please post any suggested questions in the comments below.  Thanks.

  • Black_Hawk

    what where his surprises at the draft this year and what he thinks of the David Clarkson signing and choosing Bozak over Grabo.

  • Tommy Cat

    Was he surprised when Jones dropped to 4th.

  • Andersmi

    How did he get started in the business of hockey?

    • mORRganRielly

      Andersmi Check Wikipedia lol
      He played hockey at a high level for many years.  Upon retirement, was hired by Vancouver to join their scouting staff.  In 2004, he moved to Toronto and joined the Leafs as an area scout.  In 2006, took over Barry Trapp as the Leafs Director of Amateur Scouting.

  • mORRganRielly

    One thing that Leafs Nation has always wondered out loud is how much emphasis is placed on your department’s shoulders to deconstruct a trade prior to approval when draft picks are involved.  Can you describe the process of a trade via your department’s eyes?

    It’s been reported that the Leafs had Morgan Rielly ranked first overall in the 2012 NHL Entry Draft.  Given his immense upside and potential to be a franchise-level defenseman, what other teams do you know of had Rielly at the top of their draft board?
    Is puck possession ability a trait that you and your scouting staff look for given the ‘changed’ scope of how possession is measured indirectly via shots and shots attempted?
    How much of a factor does hockey sense and hockey IQ have in your scouting department and two, does having a high quotient of either means a higher likelihood of making the jump to the show?

    Can you explain what happened in Vancouver and why the drafting record was so poor?  And two, what changed in between Vancouver and Toronto that has made your record of uncovering NHL’ers jump?  Example: Between 2006 and 2009, you have converted 37% of your picks into NHL’ers.

    • Alex Tran

      mORRganRielly From last year’s issue:
      re: trade involvement
      ” Absolutely we’re involved. There is an ongoing discussion  between the scouting team and the upper management where a free flow of information is exchanged. I have daily  conversations with Dave Poulin and we are certainly involved when discussions involve amateur players or if we had seen junior players that are pieces of a potential trade. We also let them know whether a draft is strong or not so strong and how tightly we’d like to hang onto a particular draft selection.”

    • Mind Bomb

      mORRganRielly  Good questions,  Show Off !!!!


  • djamon

    What player does he consider “the one that got away”?

  • alanrodney

    do you believe there will be any veterans signed/ traded for / demoted to help lead the marlies, or will the entire team consist of up and coming prospects this year?

  • alanrodney

    does matt rupert appear to have a shot at landing a contract to keep playing alongside ryan rupert in the future?

  • mORRganRielly

    By the way, tell him that Morrgan Rielly is a big fan of his work.  He’ll look very confused at first.

  • Leaf Diehard

    For a draft that was as strong & deep as this years I was disappointed when Bolland who is a 3rd line centre was acquired for a 2nd & 4th round pick in this years draft. What are your thoughts on what the Leafs gave up?

  • Savo43

    What do you believe Frederik Gauthiers offensive upside is? Did you draw any NHL comparable’s in your assessment of him as a player?

  • Savo43

    How does a player like Andreas Johnson slip to the 7th round? Do you believe you uncovered a serious gem with that selection?

  • mattobv

    Nonis said he was liking 2 players at that spot in the draft, were you disappointed on missing out on Mantha?

  • taylor_wright

    Thanks for the opportunity to ask questions Alex! 
    Q: Gauthier’s defensive capabilities are the first thing mentioned about him, but he was almost a point-per-game player this year.  Do you think that people are overlooking his offensive talents?

  • Kouba

    Q: What is your personal opinion on CHL’s ban of European goalies?

  • Savo43

    How often do you go to the rink to scout a certain individual, and accidentally discover another hidden gem that you’d never coveted before??

  • Frattking

    Who the Toronto Maple Leafs ever hold amateur try outs for the general public? What rules are enabling or prohibiting of such a try out?

    • Frattking


  • Great Dane

    Regarding our European prospects: What is the ETA for the Granberg, Nilson etc. – and where do except them to slide into the lineup

  • MegaJon

    Do you have any hints/tips for people trying to break into the hockey buisness that are overseas. In capacities like coaching/scouting etc.

  • B_Leaf

    Some prospects rank our prospects in the bottom third of the league…Where would you rank us? Which farm system would you trade with if you had to pick one?
    What position would you trade from prospect wise? What position would you like to add to?

  • daniel marois

    Question for MO:  Was there any player beyond the first round you considered trading up for?
    Apparently Leafs were high on centre in the third round but was taken five picks ahead of their slot when they took  Just curious if Mo is willing to divulge any insight on one or two players they wished or hoped would drop to their spot in rounds 3-7? Considering they traded away their second rounder

  • ace

    Ask him where he had certain players on his list (gauthier, verhage, etc), ask who else they had their eye on but missed out on in the draft. Also ask him where Kadri was on their list in 2009? would love to know these things. Apparantly they had Percy at 14, and Biggs at 21, Matt Finn and Ross as 1st rounders.

  • ace

    ask him why the “behind the draft’s” have all sucked since the 2009 one (maybe because burke said too much and was accused of tampering, ala bieksa, burrows, 1st for 2nd overall)?

  • ace

    if you could do a re-draft – would you take biggs and percy that high? especially with guys like Boone Jenner and John Gibson sitting around until the 2nd round?!

    • WatsonB

      Even if the answer was truely “No”, there is no possible way he would EVER admit it, what do you think that would do to Bigg’s and Percy’s confidence.
      Just assume in heindsight that most teams would draft differently if they got a second chance at it after seeing what the players would become two years later. Mistakes are going to be made for every team at the draft.

  • ace

    Why did they pass on Hunter Shinkaruk at the draft?!

  • ace

    If they could have traded up in the draft (realistically) who would they have targetted?

  • ace

    With Guys like Robert Hagg, Fucale, Erne, De La Rose, Zykov, Petan – was there any temptation to get another 2nd round pick? And any hesitation trading away a 2nd rounder for Bolland, with lots of quality on the board this witht their pick, and the potential to trade up?!

  • ace

    How come they didn’t draft their usual Swedish Dman in the later rounds this year?!

  • WatsonB

    Was there anyone other players you were considering drafting with the 21st pick this year?

  • SteveHoltom

    With this years draft being fairly deep in talent, Is there any change in the amount of talent coming up the pipe in the near future?