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HBO 24/7 Leafs-Wings Episode 1: Best Clips

Episode 1 of HBO 24/7: Leafs/Wings aired its first episode Saturday night on HBO U.S. Sportsnet will have a profanity-but-not-commercial free showing Sunday night at 7:30 p.m. EST.

While it was a relatively tame opening “tee up” episode, it still had us glued, and there were a few entertaining moments. The HBO production literally made a closing door seem epic.

Among the highlights, a mic’d up Joffrey Lupul took on Slava Voynov after taking a high cross check to the face, firing Nazem Kadri up on the bench:

Randy Carlyle tangoed with a malfunctioning toaster, calling in the assistance of a member of the maintenance staff who stuck his hand in to fish it out.

Jonathan Bernier reminds the dressing room that the Bruins are to be despised:



Stay classy Milan- douche


I was it the Erie @ Guelph game tonight. First off, props to Guelph, sell-out crown of 4700+, and the barn was lively. There were a plethora of scouts out for tonight's game.

Some thoughts: Connor Brown overall is a project to make the NHL. Seeing him live, he's going to need to become an above-average skater in the NHL to have success. He distributes, see the ice well, has a shifty escapeable elements, but speed is the skill that will make him dangerous. Not much bite to his game, but is defensively responsible. He was first out to kill a 5-3. Overall though, Connor Brown is the kind of kid who is unlikely to make it, but if he really makes big strides and puts the work in where he needs to in order to make it, he'll be a point producer in the NHL.

Matt Finn, I didn't pay much attention to him. But he was logging a lot of minutes so he was there. To be honest, you didn't really notice him, in a good way. Plays a very simple and smart game, and makes good decisions. I think the difference between him and Percy is Percy has tremendious poise and patience which buys him time to make the plays he does, and make his reads. Finn seems have to have a better instinctive feel to the game, so he knows what he wants to do in advance. He anticipates the pressure, his outlets, and usually makes the right decision without much delay. His hands and puck control are very good, and is his skating. He certainly should naturally progress as he ages into NHL calibre skating, as his strides seem fluid, edgework crisp, and footwork is pretty good. 

The only drawback as you all might have heard is he really is not involved physically. He is as physical as Carl Gunnarson or Jake Gardiner, if that makes sense. Physicality is strictly limited  preventing players from getting to the net or boxing out. He is not the type to funnel to outside to hit on the sideboards. He is not the type to stand you up with a big hit. He is not going to come into a corner and out muscle you. Having said that, it will be interesting to see if it hampers his effectiveness as a pro, or if he has enough hockey IQ to make up for it.


how much do you guys think we resign jake gardiner for ? i would go 4 years at 3.5 if he continues to play at the level he is right now 


Don't know what I'd do without MLHS spoon feeding me all of my Leaf needs. Should be a tip jar


You're better than them

The best of them all

Now go out and beat them

Holy Macinaw!!!

As I drew in my head 

And was turning around

Along came Carlyle

With a loud whooping sound

He was dressed all in blue

from his head to his toes

He had his lines ready

They came in their rows

He was chubby and plump

A right jolly old fellow

And I knew right then

That our team would turn yellow

His eyes how they twinkled

His dimples how merry

His cheeks were like roses

His nose like a cherry

His droll little mouth

Was drawn up like a bow

The hair on his head

Was as white as the snow

He spoke not a word

But went straight to his work

He had players on leashes

And he'd give them a jerk

With a wink of his eye

And a twist of his head

And I felt in my stomach

The begginings of dread

He gave me the finger

As he went on ahead

I dove under my covers

And hid in my bed

But I heard him exclaim

As he went on his way

It's Hockey Night in Canada

Happy New Years Day!


Can we finish and edit this?  Is it worth it?


Twas the night before New Years

And all around town,

Not a creature was stiring

C'ept Alfy,the clown

The rest of the Wings nestled

All snug in their beds

With the thoughts of a victory

clear in their heads

With Mike (Babcock) in his kirchief

And I (Ken Holland) in my cap

We'd just settled down

For a long winters nap

But out at the airport

There arose such a clatter

I sprang from my bed, to see

What was the matter

Away to the window

I flew like a flash

Tore open the shutters

And threw up the sash

The moon on the breast

Of the new fallen snow

Gave the luster of midday

To objects below

I stood and I gazed

Nearly crapped in my briefs

I knew in  my head it was

The Toronto Maple Leafs

More rapid than eagles

on ice skates they came

Joe Bown whistled and shouted

And called them by name

Now Dion and Gardiner

Rielly and Reimer

Kadri and Kessel

Lupul and JVR

Tim Horton
Tim Horton

Hit a deer last night on the 401 in Oshawa. Did a bit of damage.


big marlies win today with Broll, Ashton and Ross scoring. A lot of skilled, grit and size in the system. I hope Ashton can put it together at the NHL level cause he is too good for the  Ahl and has all the tools to be a real good 3rd liner in this league


I also have no where to have this "BOOK IT" kinda marked in history, but..... There's this kid Marc Stevens, 2014 eligible this year. He was left off the NHL prelim ranking this year, 96 birthday. He played 3 games last year, so he's a rookie. Son of a former OHLer, older brother is playing at Mercyhurst (NCAA, in the top #25 I'm pretty sure) and his uncle is John Stevens, LA Kings asst. coach. 

First off, this kid can skate pretty well. His skating is stands out among some of the other Storm prospects like McGinn, Kosmachuck. He's 6'1 and has room to fill in. Plays a solid defensive game. But I really see something in his smarts, I really think there's something there in terms of a guy who's not even on the board but he probably will by year's end.

Alec Brownscombe
Alec Brownscombe moderator

@Dreamsof67 Just don't use adblocker and it helps! lol


And fixed it so the Bills lost all those Superbowls. I'm jealous you're seeing it for the first time.

Komas Taberle
Komas Taberle


Best facilities in the league. Montreal goes the opposite and their visitor dressing rooms are a joke.. no class, just a bunch of old farts in Montreal.


@Tim Horton they don't make them like they use to, hope everyone was alright


Not to be a downer but we do not have a lot of skill in our system. Ashton is a 4th liner and even then I see a guy like Broll having a better future in that role.


@PEIleafnation Switch that. Reimer knows the Penguins well and they're missing Malkin and Neal.


@Alec Brownscombe Can you elaborate on that comment Alex?   Do the sponsors know if Adblocker is being used?   I don't mind Ads, but the videos are a nuisance. They play when other videos are playing and they take up bandwidth.   If it affects the support of this site and I can disable it for particular sites, as @BPsotka states, I will follow suit and remove it for this site also.

Bon Scott was a Leaf fan
Bon Scott was a Leaf fan

Heh!!  So, Cancer Man rigged the 1980 Olympic hockey gold medal game by slipping novocaine onto the Russian goalies left hand had via his ring....left him a little slow stick side.

X-Files rocked!!

Komas Taberle
Komas Taberle

@Jmessih @DeclanK 

Can you believe this guy has a wife and kid, what a fucking loser. Bernier was right when he said "Fuck these guys! right fella"s.


It was 9 years so I didn't mind the odd one

Bon Scott was a Leaf fan
Bon Scott was a Leaf fan


Yeah, I'm not big on that, myself.  I prefer they stick to the main paranormal theme.  Loved the lake monster episode (Big Blue).


I loved how they were versatile with the series so they could actually do a few comedy episodes once in a while.

Bon Scott was a Leaf fan
Bon Scott was a Leaf fan


I've seen the movies.  Loved the first one....2nd one not so much.

Just finished the Cancer Man episode....up among the best so far (lot of history there).


Make sure you watch the first X-File movie at the right time. Can't remember what season it came after but it links the two seasons. The movie is really well done.


@djamon @PEIleafnation Yeah after seeing what the goalies in LA are doing this season it makes me wonder if Bernier benefited from the same sort of success.