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In lieu of a Notebook on the Leafs games that didn’t take place last week, Anthony is going to be doing a Question and Answer session.

He’s such a big deal he needed someone else to post this notice for him. Take your opportunity to ask AP a question in the comments below.

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  • Black_Hawk

    Can we bring back Komarov and keep Kulemin or is it one or the other?

  • BingoDabber

    Who among the Leafs’ expiring contracts won’t be back next season and why?

  • vinoa

    Is Carlyle our coach when his contract is up or will Nonis cut ties before that?

  • wendelsfist

    What one personnel upgrade or change would you make (trade for a role, call up to replace etc)?

    What Olympic team system most resembles the leafs?

  • mcloki

    Who from the Marlies will we get a look at during the layoff run? Yes i assume we make the playoffs

  • Alec Brownscombe

    @BingoDabber  I like this one. Forces some bold prognostications out of the guy.

  • CashKardashian

    APetrielli MapleLeafsHS Q. On Kulemin, would you try to get him more time at C to see if he could fill 3rd line role next year?

  • Hope_Smoke

    MapleLeafsHS APetrielli what’s it like to work for Hockey Night in Canada?

  • Jmessih

    Where do you get your suits (assuming you get nice suits, if not, don’t bother answering)?

  • APetrielli

    Hope_Smoke MapleLeafsHS Hahahaha. Needs a few more Italians on the staff!

  • Jmessih

    If we can only acquire one depth player at the deadline, would you chose a forward or a Dman? Why so and who would he hypothetically be replacing?

  • Jmessih

    When considering who he would replace at forward, we already know Orr and McLaren are not NHL players anymore. I’m considering our 4th line Smith – McClement – Bodie, with Ashton being the scratch and Holland the next option from the A.

  • BrianHuddle

    APetrielli MapleLeafsHS “where does management need to advance this roster to push it from middling playoff team to contender?”

  • Dave_Hussey

    BrianHuddle APetrielli MapleLeafsHS Damn stole my question.

  • DJBrianBurke

    @APetrielli Hope_SmokeMapleLeafsHSWait, you work for HNIC? No way they have more than just 1 Leaf’s fan (Cherry) on staff.

  • BrianHuddle

    Dave_Hussey APetrielli MapleLeafsHS haha. I have my own thoughts but I know AP can give a smart thought out response too. Interested.

  • Anthony Petrielli

    DJBrianBurke Hope_Smoke MapleLeafsHS  It’s a Twitter joke because I’ve had people tweet me thinking I’m Andi Petrillo of HNIC.

  • Jay31

    Would you do Lupul for Bieksa?

  • MaxwellHowe

    @APetrielli who are the 6 you hope to see on the blueline for the Leafs next year (lets keep this grounded in reality) and who do you hope is not on the blueline next year?

  • DJBrianBurke

    Anthony Petrielli DJBrianBurkeHope_SmokeMapleLeafsHS OH I get it now hahaha that’s funny!
    Like I said, no way they have more then one Leafs’ fan.

  • Hammertownleaffan

    Are you a boobs or ass man?

  • Dangle_My_Berries

    Dear psychic Anthony, do you see love in my future? : p

  • Burtonboy

    Do you think Leafs management including Carlyle are building a top 9 bottom 3 team or a top 6 bottom 6 ?

  • HeatherRickAkin

    If we accept that Morgan Rielly is going to be an impact NHLer , is there one more Leaf prospect who has a chance to eventually become an impact player in the  NHL  ?  Lets look beyond Kadri and Gardiner , who may not have Rielly’s ceiling , but do have real upside .  Do we have even one prospect who may plateau at the Kadri/Gardiner level ?

  • MaxwellHowe

    HeatherRickAkin I’ll take this Anthony.


  • daniel marois


    As the Leafs approach the trade deadline…assuming Bolland slides right back into the lineup without any setbacks – it would seem adding anyone upfront is not the priority.  However, what roster piece would the Leafs be willing to give up to add a No.2 defenceman to play with Phaneuf? 

    Or could the Leafs simply move Gleason with Phaneuf and look to call up one of the Marlies blueliners who have played excellent defensively (ie: MacWlliam, Granberg or Percy)

  • Beats73

    Anthony what do you see as more of a priority this off season, a first line center or help on defense?  Also do you think there is any chance management makes an effort to pry Ryan O’Reilly out of Colorado?


  • DeclanK

    Where do babies come from?

  • daniel marois

    MaxwellHowe HeatherRickAkin  

    And which player might that be?

  • rustynail

    @BrianHuddle APetrielli MapleLeafsHS  meh we are already there with a bit of patience :)

  • lukethenuke

    When will Orr and Mclearn not be in the lineup?

  • DeclanK

    lukethenuke  Playoffs

  • Marlies Man

    DeclanK Storks

  • PEIleafnation

    does leo replace nik kuleming next season

  • rustynail

    what changes to our PK would you recommend going down the stretch, both players and system?

  • Jmessih

    Hey Anthony are these guys beauts or what?  Retweeted by Photo: Great to have Jonathan Bernier and Troy Bodie of the at tonight’s game!

  • Anthony Petrielli

    Jmessih  Yes.

  • Marlies Man

    Jmessih Berny knows who to make friend’s with lol Dining with the boss man next.

  • sniperstar

    PEIleafnation  No. Leo takes Raymond’s spot if he plays higher than the 4th line but ideally I see Leo (if he comes back) on the 4th line with a young guy taking the other wing with McClement down the middle. The 3rd line spot can also be fought over by the young guys next year.

  • Jmessih

    Marlies Man Jmessih Or the other way around, Bodie making friends with the starting goalie (gotta keep him in his comfort zone can’t trade away a fav of the goalies lol)
    Actually while typing this i just thought of the Marc-Andre Fleury – Talbot relationship. Flower has struggle ever since Talbot left, maybe that is why he is not posting the numbers he should (could) be.

  • Waiting4LSC

    AP: what changes have you seen in RCs team defensive scheme? What changes would you want to see to better position us for the playoffs? What adjustments are needed to Franson’s game to have him at his best for the playoffs? What is needed to keep Naz firing on all cylinders? What would be your ideal third and fourth lines? What do you see as our greatest threat and biggest weakness? How does the team address the inability to clear the D zone? What is the most fundamental change you would want RC to make? Great Expectations for this piece!!!!

  • shiguy79

    BrianHuddle APetrielli MapleLeafsHS With the way JVR and Kessel are playing. Add Bernier and Bolland. Wouldn’t ya say they are already.?

  • Waiting4LSC

    Simple, Montreal…. :)

  • mike_84

    Jmessih  Wife has a thing for Bernier

  • mike_84

    Raps win.

  • Jmessih

    mike_84 Looked like a solid beat down of Orlando, I caught the last 4 mins. Go Raps!!!

  • Anthony Petrielli

    Waiting4LSC  Whoa. Lots of questions. I’ll probably pick one or two from the batch because you asked a ton!

  • mike_84

    Jmessih mike_84  it was. Free pizza night crowd went crazy for that 100th point

  • Jmessih

    mike_84 Jmessih Ya lol, I loved that reaction, love it every time lol. Great atmosphere usually in the ACC for Raps games.

  • MaxwellHowe

    I was hoping no one had a follow up question