Poll: Now What?


    There will be nothing but time now to discuss the direction forward for this organization in wake of yet another late-season catastrophe. Frankly, it’s going to take a few days for us here at MLHS to build up the energy.

    Here’s your discussion question.

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    • maple1967leafs

      BREAKER<<<BREAKER<<<Pigpen this is rubber duck we forgot to put the hammer down,We”ll try next year to get this load of loafers to the playoffs

    • JR from Halifax

      I don’t want to panic too much until we see what a bottom 6 will look like with Ashton, Damigo, Broll, Biggs, and Devane do to this team. Not saying its going to be all 5 of those in the bottom 6 but a few should be ready to graduate and they can play the heavy game we are missing.

      I am willing to part with a nice piece not named Reilly to get another top pairing D man.

      And fire Carlyle just because I am so pissed and his constant decision to play Dion too many minutes and poor decisions are too much to handle.

    • BingoDabber

      Sorry to everyone on this site. We all deserve far better than this.
      I’ll probably change my mind with enough time to digest. Right now I want a full-scale rebuild. The anger is still so fresh.

    • JR from Halifax

      I feel like I am sitting here at a wake or something

    • maple1967leafs

      JR from Halifax  I guess it is in a way

    • traNsplantEdneWfie

      I think it’s the fact that the Habs are playing so well that makes it worse.

    • JR from Halifax

      traNsplantEdneWfie  Nah, it’s not that for me. The I don’t think they can win a cup any more than we can right now. They’re on a hot streak, we have them too……neither team built to win in today’s NHL

    • Great Dane

      To be honest I wasn’t upset yesterday, this was bound to happen with the many management mistake this year. 
      For crying out loud: We take 36 SA per game that is equal to 2952 shots against over 82 games.  Taking only 28 shots ourself that makes a net outshot of 656 shot more against over a season. 
      Now moving forward that first and most important part is that management have the same vision about this team and clearly assess the capability and capacity of of each player.
      Carlyle needs to go today – a good Sunday project because he do not share the same vision as Leiwek, Nonis and Loiselle.
      Signing Clarkson, trading for Bolland, buying out Grabo not resigning MacC moves all done to please Carlyle. Those mistakes most be rectified now.
      Kessel, JVR, Bernier, Gardiner and Reilly
      Nice to keep:
      Phaneuf (but you need another Top d-man because he can’t log more than 22 minutes per game)
      Gunnar  (good price and would be a lot better on 2nd or 3rd pairing)
      Should be move:
      Lupul, Clarkson (if possible), Gleason, Franson, Reimer (poor guy, he didn’t deserve the Carlyle bashing)
      Could be moved for the right return:
      Bozak and Kadri
      Should be signed:
      Komorov and Hartikainen – to bring in some Finnishe sisu that would help the rest of the team
      Signed at the right price:
      Kulemin  < 2.5 and Bolland < 3.5


      Now Leiweke and Nonis need to put of the pressure with the NHL – we f…… pay for most of the league and trade for a #1 center and a top defenseman.
      Find a coach that will roll four line and then let the Marlies fight it out on who gets a roster spot.

    • Great Dane

      JR from Halifax traNsplantEdneWfie Habs don’t get as bad coaching at the Leafs.

    • JR from Halifax

      Great Dane JR from Halifax traNsplantEdneWfie  Not even close

    • Great Dane

      CanuckUKinToronto Great DaneSomething like that. At center the problem I see is that Bolland, Kadri and Bozak – too much of the same.

      I would go hard after Stastny in the summer. My two targets would be Weber and Tavares.

    • Tim Horton

      Fuck Toronto for having such a shitty sports team, and fuck Ottawa for this stupid snow storm out of no where. Im driving through a foot of snow as the weather report comes on. “ohhh looks like a storm blew in we’re expecting 5 centimeters.” Bitch its already over a foot with no sign of slowing down your dam radar is wrong, just look outside.

    • peterbleafs

      Well season over.  I will not bother watching any more games.  If I watch one at all, it will be the Blue Jays but they are as big a set of chokers as the Leafs are.  Time to enjoy spring and wait for the draft.

      I blame Nonis for not taking the corrective measures when it was obvious.  Its all part of the hockey culture.  I dont think I want Nonis fired but definitely want the coaching staff eliminated.  Was a good frustrating ride this season, the team just does not have it.

    • Great Dane

      peterbleafs Elimination should have been done in January when it was obvious that the coaching staff didn’t have  solution to bring down the shots against.

    • peterbleafs

      Great Dane peterbleafsThats what I was saying, I wanted him gone LONG ago.

    • KenBreadner

      Great Dane  I’d be interested in keeping Lupul. To me, he’s been the de facto captain of this team and it’s obvious he bleeds blue and white.

    • Great Dane

      CanuckUKinToronto Great Dane I don’t want Bolland ofr a nickel over 4 million in cap hit. 

      Stastny is prime target as UFA, and then Nonis has to make a package for Tavares like Bozak, Reimer, Franson and pick.

      Then turn around and trade Kadri, Lupul,  Gleason and Gauthier to Preds for Weber.  They keep 15% of Webers salary.

    • Great Dane

      KenBreadner But he doesn’t fit into the age structure of the team.

    • peterbleafs

      My remedies. 

      1) Fire entire coaching staff asap so that the job is open now,  put anyone in to close out the season.
      2) Gone Orr, Franson, Bolland, Gunnarson, Reimer, Raymond
      Last night Rielly goes offense trips, falls, still makes pass and goal results.  Reilly beaten but comes back on D and dives, disrupting forward, no goal.  Franson comes back is closer than Rielly was and does a fly by.  Vets dont care, kids do, get rid of the deadwood before they mess up the kids we have.

    • peterbleafs

      We draft 11th as of t his morning, hoping we get a higher position as this draft is full of crap.

    • Great Dane

      peterbleafs I would keep Gunnar but not the 1st pairing

    • Great Dane

      peterbleafs This team has no confidence it should drop further

    • JMAC17

      This is worse than losing game 7 last year.  For 17 days we have had 80 points! All we needed was 12 points out of a possible 26 or something…F!!!!

      We need a new coaching staff, I just cant defend Randy and his band of idiots.

      A tougher bottom 6 and 3 new d-man that can keep the puck out of out net and we are on our way.

      Sick of waiting for next year.

    • peterbleafs

      CanuckUKinToronto peterbleafsThey likely will but really doesnt matter this is the first year, I do not know anyone in t he draft worth gunning for.  Its a shitass draft.

    • Burtonboy

      Last time we lost 8 in a row was 1985 and Ballard was still the owner. That’s a tough pill to swallow . I know Nonis is a patient man but the pressure that will bought to bear on the management team after this debacle will be enormous  The obvious thing to do is start with the coaching staff and I’m all for that . What bugs the shit out of me though  is this group has now shit the bed 3 consecutive yrs under 2 different coaches. Its more then the coaches guys. Nonis is going to have to look very closely as to what happened here and get to the bottom of what caused this. Considerable change in personnel is need as well . I hope Leafs nation screams bloody murder because this bullshit has got to stop.

    • Arnoldlwlee

      peterbleafs  We can easily draft Haydn Fleury in our position. Check him out: http://www.mynhldraft.com/2014/NHL-Draft-Profiles/Haydn-Fleury

    • peterbleafs

      Arnoldlwlee peterbleafsKid reads well, thanks.

    • peterbleafs

      Burtonboy Last night was a good example where in the first period they took away the points, but as the game went on they reverted to what RC has coached them to do, swarm and then Detroit picked us apart.  We have good players, but they have a shit system and as a result, even good players shit the bed, consistently.

    • Knights2Leafs

      It seemed like I was on an island in the preseason when I went on a rant about Nonis.  Much of that had to do with poor cap management.  Little did I know the I was ahead of the curve.  Having said that, I don’t think now is the time to fire Nonis.  He gets one more year.
      One of the things I was on about was not getting Franson locked up to a 4 year 4M contract.  Boy was I wrong.
      Leading up to the Clarkson signing I was dead set against it. Boy was I right.
      I’d rather deal with a bad Franson 4 x 4 than a bad Clarkson 7 x 5.25.
      The players are not the problem. They got to 3rd in the Conference at one point with really bad systems.  Why we would ever tear that down before giving it a chance with decent coaching is beyond me.  Especially in light of the fact that many of the miss pieces are right there on the Marlies.
      My view is our poor systems combined with a brutal travel schedule over the last 3 weeks combined with Carlyle failure to grasp a 4 line concept caught up with.
      Fire RC, make some minor adjustments and see what decent (heck even average) coaching might do.

    • KenBreadner

      Great Dane KenBreadner  Well, you can’t have all rooks. You need some older hands around, even if you’re starting from scratch…

    • Arnoldlwlee

      Knights2Leafs  Guy Boucher maybe?

    • dontcallmeshirley

      peterbleafs  going to need to trade a bigger piece than that, kadri, jvr, or dare say kessel will be trade

    • Knights2Leafs

      Good plan except I agree with Great Dane’s comments on Gunnar.  We probably need one more year out of him before our younger guys are ready to step in.

    • Knights2Leafs

      I was there calling for his head way back when.

    • Burtonboy

      I want Carlyle gone as bad as anyone right now but there is more to this the just coaching . Either we have the stunnest group of players in NHL history or they are just plain lazy. We did the same thing playing a style these guys all love to play under Wilson . Run and Gun . The result was still the same. We need a new coach who can deliver the message properly and we need players that can actually learn to play a system . Right now we have neither

    • wendelsway1

      Morning Guys…..really hoping that some are just very angry and disappointed, when talking about a full rebuild, and given time clearer heads will prevail.  I’m on board with a coaching change but we have to continue to add.  Goaltending isn’t the issue.

    • thelongroad

      How much value does our 1st have because we need a center that can win a draw, we always start without the puck!

    • thelongroad

      And how does a team so feared for physical play one year become so soft after one summer?

    • dontcallmeshirley

      Team needs to get more lunch pail guys like Bodie. Starting to think that it is not RC but the players, they have a fragile confidence, limited hockey smarts (or refuse to play defensive hockey). Got to move a couple of core pieces.

      Kuli gone
      MCl gone
      Raymond Gone
      Bolland is gone (doesnt want to be in this circus)

      Franson is traded
      Kadri is traded

      Reimer is gone

      Orr is waived.

      I honestly think the leafs will look at trading kessel or JVR or Gardiner.

      Bernier appears too nonchalant at times makes me wonder.

    • Knights2Leafs

      Arnoldlwlee Knights2Leafs  
      So hard to say.  Wearing my Knights hat I’d take a run at Dale Hunter.  He’s implemented pro style hockey systems at the junior level. I thought he was a better junior coach than Spott so to see the way Spott has done an incredible job gives me hope that these junior coaches know what they’re doing.  Plus Hunter did have a little success that one year coming to take over the Caps.

    • daniel marois


      Couldn’t agree more.  This is like Keith Acton all over again – a guy that should have been fired many years prior to his official dismissal.  

      Once Randy is canned – get the new coach to bring in a whole new staff.

    • Knights2Leafs

      Not a chance they will beat Calgary – they have Joe Colborne : )

    • daniel marois


      I disagree on the lunch pail guys.  They have tooooo many of these type players in the system.  How many lunch pail guys did Detroit need to beat us last night? Look at the Marlies.  Although they are successful at the AHL level – that is all the skill type we have down there.  Lunch bucket type guys.  Who is the player they called up to help last night?  D’Amigo.  Lunch bucket guy.

      We need more highly-skilled forwards.

    • daniel marois

      CanuckUKinToronto daniel marois  

      Agreed.  How was a guy from the Pat Quinn era able to remain through two head coaches that followed as Acton did with Maurice and Wilson?

      They need a new head coach with better defensive tacticians behind the bench with him.

    • Zeus_WilliamMapleLeafs

      As I see it
      Kessel – xxxxxxxxxxx – JVR
      xxxxxx – xxxxxxxxxxx – xxxxxxxx
      Komarov – Bolland – Clarkson
      xxxxxxx – xxxxxxxxxx – xxxxxxxx

      Phaneuf – xxxxxxx
      Rielly – xxxxxxx
      xxxxxxx – xxxxxxx


      Id put Gardiner on the wing for a year as there is no way in hell we are going to fill all those spots in a year.
      But what do I know – this team is good enough – we always under value our players and Nonis was right to stand pat.

      I was one of a few that was right.
      Id keep Carlyle, Id just get rid of the impotent Nonis.

    • deedrag

      Morning all. Glad to see you back WW! I was reading other comment sections from various sources after going on here and seems Cameron was being talked about and MLHS was mentioned. I’ll spare you the details!

    • Savo43

      dontcallmeshirley  Lupul is gone imo too. Hope we just watch the Marlies with Kessel, JVR, Bozak, Phaneuf, Bernier, Gards and Rielly+ whoever we acquire via trade. That’d be alright with me. 

      To Van:

      To Tor:

      To WSH:
      Lupul -1m$

      To Tor:

      Delete Clarkson




      Are we worse? Yeah, but at least this is a team that will try hard.

    • Bobsyouruncle

      Just picked one – fire the coach. Not looking for things to be blown up but measured change and continued development of some bright prospects without rushing them, and hopefully a coach who doesn’t destroy the value of our players like Carlyle has.  

      Two summers ago and during the lockout I was pretty well sitting alone on an island saying I wasn’t a fan of Carlyle and didn’t want him here, constantly hearing about what Randy was going to do as a defensive guru and the accountability he’d bring. Well now that island is becoming crowded and we’re building condominiums.   
      Even at training camp this year there was still considerable support for Carlyle although there were a few more dissenters.   
      I won’t accept that it’s over until that becomes official but it’s sure looking like “Burn The Boats” was just another “Hanta Yo”.

    • Lonsmos2

      I agree the team has no system and the coach only holds the rookies accountable the likes of franson lupul Dion jvr and kessel are allowed turnover after turnover and lazy play at times without consequence and that behaviour spreads like a cancer if it isn’t addressed by a coach

    • Bobsyouruncle

      dontcallmeshirley Hey Shirley….don’t call me, I’ll call you.   : )