Game Review: Game #78, Toronto Maple Leafs 4 vs. Boston Bruins 3

Game Review: Game #78, Toronto Maple Leafs 4 vs. Boston Bruins 3

Toronto Maple Leafs vs Boston Bruins

The Maple Leafs were done after the Red Wings loss, but would that stop them from turning it on in their final six games, you ask? Are you new to being a Leafs fan? Of course not.

It’s always dramatic in Leafland.

There were a couple of crazy storylines within the overarching storyline in this one, too.

The Leafs, league leaders in third period leads forfeited, gave up another one, which was another multi-goal lead squandered to the Bruins. Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it, as they say.

Jonathan Bernier left the game hurt, just as the Leafs had conceded the 3-2 goal. Enter James Reimer in a pressure-cooker situation. The Leafs were already well into the process of coughing up the lead. The game and any hope at the playoffs was on the line. The Bruins were about to go to a powerplay, too, given the incident that left Bernier injured involved a Paul Ranger interference infraction in front of the net.

They got the initial kill, but inevitably conceded the tying goal with 7 minutes to go. A key penalty kill late, overlapping into OT, gave way to a Leafs powerplay earned by Tyler Bozak. Nazem Kadri, in the Carlyle dog house on the night, rose to the occasion and roofed a rebound off a Cody Franson point shot on the 4 on 3 powerplay in OT.

The Leafs live to see another day, but got no favours from the Flyers tonight after a 2-0 Columbus victory in Philadelphia. The Leafs remain one point back with four games remaining, the tiebreak disadvantage, and two games out of hand.


- Based on the state of Bernier as he left the ice, unable to put any weight at all on his left leg, it seems unlikely he will figure into this 2013-14 season any further. We’re not doctors here, but if it’s the groin again, it’s time to just run with Reimer and shut Bernier down. Reimer’s season to finish up? Could very well be.

- The Leafs played a decent first 40 minutes in this game. The first period was played at a furious pace and it suited the Leafs just fine. Then came classic 3rd period Leafs hockey with the (temporary) lead. It’s become too predictable and repetitive to give it more analysis.

- Here, however, is a point/example demonstrating why the Maple Leafs getting so heavily outshot is system related, and not indicative of them being a horrible team: The Leafs’ forwards took 27 shots. The Bruins’ forwards took 27 shots. The teams’ respective defencemen? 11 shots to 4 for the Bruins. This is a trend we will explore further in an upcoming post here at MLHS. The Bruins worked the puck low to high repeatedly in this game against the Leaf collapse. It started in the opening couple of minutes when Kevan Miller was able to take a pass and stroll right down to the top of the circles (could’ve gone right down to the hashmarks maybe) and ring the cross bar.

- Worse than that, the Bruins’ 3-2 and 3-3 goals came from shooters left wide open in the slot. Pretty much identical goals for Bergeron and Lucic. Both involved slow anticipation by Mason Raymond, who seems to have a particularly difficult time figuring out where he should be in this swarm system, as well as Bolland and Clarkson (not that any Leaf really seems to know what to do in this collapse system once the other team sustains pressure).

- I wrote a point down that Ray Ferraro proceed to make after the commercial break, making it seem like I’m just piggybacking, but Carl Gunnarsson needed to move the man out of the crease area rather than allow himself to be backed right into Reimer’s grill on the 3-3 goal. Reimer had no chance at either seeing that puck or getting out to cut down the angle, so what followed wasn’t anything close to his fault.

- Another example of why the Leafs aren’t a bad team – they now have two 30-goal scorers (JvR just hit the 30-goal plateau for the first time in his career tonight) and could have as many as three more 20-goal scorers between Raymond, Kadri, Lupul and Bozak.

- Jerry D’Amigo is a capable bottom six NHLer and should be used as one by Carlyle in these final 4 games. He played 8:10 tonight due to the 11 forward set up that fell to 10 when Clarkson went in and out of the game before leaving for good, but I just don’t get the sense Carlyle is going to give the kid his due still. He was key in the creation of the second goal, showing good patience to walk in a few strides and put a slap-pass into a good area.

- Cody Franson redeemed himself for his pizza up the middle leading to the Marchand goal with good work on the late penalty kill (cut out a sure goal on a cross ice pass) and good patience on the blueline on the 4 on 3, leading to Kadri’s winner.

- Troy Bodie led the team in even strength ice time with a whopping 20:29. That’s partially due to Clarkson leaving the game, but Bodie did look good in this game again. Consistently effective on the forecheck.

- Kadri played only 11:40 tonight. He was 71% on the draw but was used in the offensive/neutral zones by Carlyle as much as possible. Big goal for Naz’s confidence in OT that hopefully sets up a hot finish for #43, and renewed trust from Carlyle.

- Paul Ranger: Leafs’ feel-good story of the season, no doubt. Awesome game. In addition to his goal, which was a good read to nip in off the point and roof a backhand, he outmuscled Bruins players down low all night (including Lucic at one point) and made safe quick ups to his teammates. He’s a ridiculously strong guy and wins 90% of his battles in tight. Unfortunately, his attempt to be strong in front of his net led to Bernier getting hurt late in the third.

The Phil was back on the scoresheet in a big way, with a couple of points against his former team including what was basically his goal on the Bozak tally. Even if the win only lowers the Leafs’ draft position at the end of the day, no self-respecting Leafs fan can dislike seeing Kessel strip Dougie Hamilton and set up JvR for his 30th of the season.

Toronto Maple Leafs vs Boston Bruins April3 2014

Dashed lines indicated non-even strength play.

Dashed lines indicated non-even strength play.

Fenwick chart for 2014-04-03 Bruins 3 at Maple Leafs 4 (OT)

Toronto Maple Leafs vs Boston Bruins Boxscore

Jonathan Bernier (26-19-7)27250.92648:22:00
James Reimer (12-13-1)W11100.90914:29
Troy Bodie0020:29020001200
Dave Bolland0013:18-220761302
Tyler Bozak1019:13230880000
David Clarkson0012:12-225001100
Jerry D'Amigo018:10110000000
Cody Franson0215:04-100006102
Jake Gardiner0116:38-110003311
Tim Gleason0017:11100000200
Carl Gunnarsson0022:38-100002202
Nazem Kadri1011:40130520100
Phil Kessel0222:17230000011
Nikolai Kulemin0017:10012104100
Jay McClement0019:37-12012120300
Dion Phaneuf0021:59020003002
Paul Ranger1020:05112003201
Mason Raymond0017:25-320000000
Morgan Rielly0111:40100001000
James van Riemsdyk1020:38260114010


Chad Johnson (17-3-2)OTL31270.87162:51:00
Matt Bartkowski0116:35-100005001
Patrice Bergeron1118:5628014131111
Johnny Boychuk0018:39-110003200
Gregory Campbell0010:47010450000
Jordan Caron009:58-230000000
Zdeno Chara0027:00:00-130004001
Loui Eriksson0017:53-120000110
Dougie Hamilton0021:15-120001003
Jarome Iginla0020:29020010001
Chris Kelly0013:17-240452000
David Krejci0120:58000492010
Torey Krug0021:34242003000
Milan Lucic1019:14027212001
Brad Marchand1116:57220002010
Kevan Miller0119:12212001000
Daniel Paille0010:48010001010
Reilly Smith0014:02100001111
Shawn Thornton008:51020102200
Toronto Maple Leafs 4 vs Boston Bruins 3 Boxscore
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Offence - 85 %
Defence - 60 %
Goaltending - 80 %
Special Teams - 85 %
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Leafs rule
Leafs rule

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So what's the word today? What did Lieweke say that has everyone buzzing?


Leiweke is at least stating that he is trying to make value for the FANS.. for once.

Think of this team like a Mutual Fund/Asset management company.  Fans are the clients.. For 47 years, Fans have "invested" money (at games, jerseys etc), heart, time, soul, life in some cases.. with ZERO RETURN.. and many times a lot of their assets depleted.  Meanwhile, the asset manager took out fees every year (dividends), and sold the portfolio for a profit to a new asset manager.   What is wrong with the asset manager saying that he is trying to ensure that the FANS get value and a return on their investment??

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I became CEO of a bank that had LOST MONEY FOR 20 CONSECUTIVE YEARS before we bought it and tried to turn it around... very similar to Leafs- CULTURE OF LOSING...

It took about 15 months to even have the first profitable month in 20 years...There were many incompetent people.. All old vets who were useless, over paid and felt they had job for life and you couldnt fire them (ie. no trade clauses)..

There was no young pool of talent (ie minors depleted), no vision, no sense of excitement, goals/objectives.. and esp no strategic roadmap.  That roadmap is a vision set out by the CEO (not the GM).. The GM has their responsibilities as do others.. But all set up and have executive team.  Outline step by step deadlines/milestones and ensure you are tracking success/achievements to goals and address where not / eliminate barriers (ie. like coaches or players who dont fit).. It takes time to get everyone on board with the strategy and recruit the right people (mgmt, coaches and players- so on ice effect) where EVERYONE IS ACCOUNTABLE-  ON ICE AND OFF..   

This sounds like what Lieweke is trying to do.. so I am patient to see what happens.. it will all play out this summer as next step.. lets see..

He wants culture of winning.. and to win the cup.. that is also the best for business and value..


Of all the top stars in the league (players even better than Kessel) who is one you don't really want on our team?



I predict that in 10 years time there is a golden statue in Toronto of Leiweke  hugging the stanley cup. Phil and Dion will be in the background playing in an epic ping pong battle


So, when Jack Welch (known as one of the best CEOs of the last century) used words like "WE" talking about NBC etc- which was part of GE... it was because it was same company......


Well at least there will be changes


People hate Leiweke because a) he is American b) his focus is on soccer and basketball


I feel like Livefyre is preventing my from sharing my genius as often as required...


@Leafs rule    I don't have to outrun the Grizzly I just have to outrun you *trip*

Great Dane
Great Dane

@Cameron19 Well - to cut a long story short:  Everyone need to accountable; Leiweke will say if there is a problem and do something about it.

Two camps here - those who don't like Leiweke because he is not a hockey man and those who would like to see someone pointing out the problems with the Leafs and hoping that Leiweke is that guy.

Mind Bomb
Mind Bomb


Listening to it now is a good interview This:

 Why did you fix the leafs last

 They had a good year last year, I did not think I had to


@Cameron19  basically that he wants to win and will hold people accountable if that doesnt happen. for whatever reason people are angry

Great Dane
Great Dane

@CanuckUKinToronto It is like a pension funds taking your money in admin fees (merchendise, tickets etc.) and giving you zero return.


@Belfour20/JB-45 The guy actually cares and wants the teams to win.  So people, you become CEO of MLSE, what steps do you do?  dont say marketing ..


@CanuckUKinToronto   I'm just watching this interview, and besides some goofy things, he actually reminds me of a very successful guy I crossed paths with. This guy rubbed me the same way initially, but given the benefit of the doubt, the guy was awesome. One of the most influential people for me that I've ever met. Learned a lot from him. I'm going to stifle my initial reactions from Timmy L. I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt.


@mr_hanie Actually I think his eventual focus will be NFL and Leafs second with those third and fourth..  Just that hockey was already the cash cow.. Nonis was in place.. and season was going ok.. so focus on where the biggest areas had to be immediately addressed..


@mr_hanie  Also because he spewed some ridiculous shit today. But lets see what he actually does in the summer for the city;s most important team


@TheCanucksnaphook @CanuckUKinToronto Just saying .. been through it.. a lot of resistance (mostly from the losers who worked there for years and accepted that they were losing other people's money and didnt care)... Well Mgmt and players have accepted just (losing) throwing away people's money-  Fans money.. paying customers to watch them habitually lose..

Leafs rule
Leafs rule

@Shift_Disturber1 @CanuckUKinToronto re 'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt.   : good idea ,the jury will like hearing that after the hanging thats sure to occur in a couple of years if we still havent won a friggin cup


I'm not saying blow it up but change is needed 100%

Great Dane
Great Dane

@CanuckUKinToronto @Bobsyouruncle  The Leafs have not been losing money, but they have been losing what is most important for a sporting franchise: Titles.

In sports not winning is the same as losing.


@wiski @Bruffins  

I argued that he was better than Crosby for so long! Hated Crosby early on in his career lol


@TheCanucksnaphook @Bruffins@mr_hanie And if he is the CEO in say 4 yrs and the Leafs win a cup (and he was the first to be the leader of the whole "TEAM"  in 50 yrs to do it?

He uses the words like "WE" when he said Bernier because it is the SAME COMPANY.. for fuck sakes people..