Dave Morrison from the Draft Combine


Maple Leafs Director of Amateur Scouting Dave Morrison speaks with Leafs TV from the 2014 NHL Draft Combine on Friday.

  • Leafs_17

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  • MLHSGuest

    Is the draft here yet?

  • MLHSGuest

    BTW… go Marlies go!!!

  • loomx

    lol Sam Bennett couldn’t do one pull up at the combine.

  • BrandonCheema

    loomx ??

  • loomx

    BrandonCheema loomx https://twitter.com/TSNScianitti/status/472748222234902528

  • loomx

    BrandonCheema loomx https://twitter.com/TSNScianitti/status/472768620108345344

  • BrandonCheema

    loomx BrandonCheema but still a player in the chl should be able to do a single pull up , reminds me of nuge … as long as hes skilled he will be fine

  • loomx

    BrandonCheema loomx Yeah it’s weird. but leg and core strength is what matters.

  • HHT

    How many pull-ups could Gretzky do?

  • Gene

    loomx ” leg and core strength is what matters.”
    Until you’re up close and personal with an NHL defenseman.

  • DCDC

    @MLHSGuest 3 weeks, 4 days, 19hours, 51 minutes, 25 seconds.
    there is a countdown on the right, June 27th-28th

  • noyon100

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