Maple Leafs re-acquire Matt Frattin for Jerry D’Amigo and a 7th round draft pick


Strange first deal on July 1 from the Maple Leafs here, bringing back Matt Frattin in exchange for Jerry D’Amigo and a 7th round pick.

Bringing Matt Frattin back was an idea we bounced around these parts given the former Leafs sixth round pick has failed to catch on in two separate cities, Los Angeles and Columbus, and never showed the same promise as he did here, despite an opportunity in LA’s top 6 initially. Frattin had 13 points in 25 games in the lockout-shortened 2012-13 season.

The Leafs moved Frattin to LA in the Jonathan Bernier deal after bowing out to the Bruins in the playoffs.

Jerry D’Amigo is a kid a number of fans were excited to see take the full-time NHL step next season. Initial reaction is that it would’ve maybe been preferred to find some way, be it a slightly higher pick or an additional low pick, to bring Frattin back without letting D’Amigo go.

D’Amigo was the Toronto Marlies all-time leader playoff goals and showed some good spunk in his callups. There’s a chance he develops into a solid third line winger someday. That’s nothing franchise altering to lose, but this trade brings about mixed feelings.

In Frattin’s time as a Marlie he flashed more upside than D’Amigo did, including an amazing run of 10 goals in 13 games when the Marlies went to the Calder Cup final in 2012. He posted 13 points in 25 games in 2012-13, and scored a nice goal versus Boston in the playoffs. Frattin is 3 years older than D’Amigo, however, and there’s question marks if he’ll even have much of an NHL career at this point.

Here’s our full review of Matt Frattin from 2012-2013.

Update: The Maple Leafs have re-signed Matt Frattin, acquired as a restricted free agent, to a 2-year, $1.6 million contract ($800,000 AAV).

  • leafmealone

    As it seems clear that this move has split the commenters here down the middle (discounting all the reactionary yahoos who were just waiting around to bitch regardless of what was done), I suggest Alec arranges a barn rental for a date TBD and we all honour the memory of Brian Burke and go at it. Who’s in?

  • maximus_asinus

    I think Frattin still has the ability to land a spot in our top 6 providing he slots in beside Kadri, that they can rekindle the chemistry they had 2 years ago, and Frattin can rediscover some of that confidence he lost after the trade(s).

  • skiingallday


  • coni

    looks like we signed robidas

  • skiingallday
    Robidas can play all situations for Leafs. Represents experienced upgrade in top-4 (which could include Gardiner, Phaneuf, Rielly, Robidas).

  • Xxxxxnew

    Robidas, eh? Tell me more.

  • skiingallday
    Robidas deal is firm. Official $9M for three years now $3AAV with the Leafs.

  • coni

    I see Bolland went to Florida… ouch

  • skiingallday

    @coni lol no way that guy deserves 5.5mil. That’s just fucked up

  • Robbies

    Frattin has NHL size and shot…wheels hopefully have recovered from the knee
    Issue…and I love his back story…big time Got a real good feeling!!!

  • coni

    skiingallday agreed but zero depth down the middle.  wish he would have taken less to play for the team “he loves”

  • Zeus_WilliamMapleLeafs

    Says alot. Frattin an ok player for us a year or two back but that was it. OK.
    Didnt cut it in LA, was less than average in Columbus. But good enough for us.?
    Is there anyone here happy that “the options” Nonis expressed and his conservative approach has landed us with an old hand in Frattin and a pensioner on his last legs.
    Wheres the No1C other than StLouis and Dallas.
    Nonis is a joke – as I said all along.

  • Zeus_WilliamMapleLeafs

    Wow Robidas at 3mil for 3 years. A 37 year old, obviously on a decline. Had injury worries last year and is basically good for the glue factory. Excellent back in the day but we are living the now.
    So we bought out Gleason added Robidas whos minutes have dropped off the past 4 years. So essentially Robidas costs us 3.8 million this year 4.8 next year and 4.3 the year after. Thats what it costs including Gleason whos possition he has filled.
    Im FUK!ING shocked.
    Frattin back, Robidas and the swede/canadian drafted.
    Could Nonis actually have done worse if he took a stupid pill in the middle of a garden swimming pool with Carlyles toaster plugged in having bathing toasts.
    Hurrrr durrr.

  • skiingallday
    Leo Komarov is on his way back to the on a four-year deal.

  • Dangle_My_Berries


  • Gozo

    Komarov signed

  • Mattmark

    Zeus_WilliamMapleLeafs Robbies “But good enough for us?”
    Our standards aren’t high.  Apart from the generous paycheques we offer, of course.

  • lukethenuke
    Rutherford says a Kulemin signing is now unlikely. He doesn’t think Pens need a top-6 winger at this point.

  • HeatherRickAkin

    I have always liked Frattin . He can score goals a lot of other guys simply are not capable of. Problem for Matt is that he needs to find a way to add consistency to his resume.  Will he do it ?  I guess Nonis thinks so, and I am with Nonis on this one. A decent , sane day for Leaf management. Its not over yet, though .

  • TroyTech

    Bad move letting D’Amigo go. The next Kesler right there.