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Gus is the McKeen's Hockey Director of Analytics & Pro Scouting and has been writing at MLHS since 2009.

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    My Team Canada Roster selections may seem a little vanilla, but they’ve been selected to play out various situations. Penalty killing, power play and balance on all the forward units took precedent over sheer offensive/defensive ability.

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      The Pittsburgh Penguins are one of three teams without a shutout this season. They have been shutout four times, allowing 15 goals. They’ve scored 98 goals in wins and a paltry 12 in losses. Of the 44 goals they’ve allowed in losses, 15 come by way of shutouts.

      The latest takes on it’s infamy as the record-breaking shutout by a most deserving, Martin Brodeur.

      The New Jersey Devils are one of five teams that have not been shutout this season. Brodeur’s three shutouts for the Devils this season set up and then smashed the all time shutout record.

      In honour of the new shutout record at 104 – and counting – the following are the to-date shutouts and numbers in the NHL in 2009-10.

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        Stick Work with Fab&Kats went AWOL last week, but is happy to announce this week’s lineup of notable guests:

        Headling our guests is TSN’s Bob McKenzie, straight from Team Canada selection camp joins us to talk about Canada, and the World Junior Championships.

        Is Nazem Kadri this years Angelo Esposito? Rogers CHL columnist, Patrick King thinks he just might.

        Russ Cohen talks to us about the U.S. squad.

        Fab and I pick our Torontosaurus Rex, but this is the World Junior Championship time.

        This is the final episode of 2009, and Stick Work will return in the New Year.

        Fab and Kats would like to wish out listeners a Safe and Happy Holiday season.

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        Twitter: @KatsHockey

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          Did the neutral zone trap morph into the shootout? The pre-lockout reason for altering the rules, transfigured into the shootout as teams play for the shootout more this season. If trends are any indication, perhaps the two memes have a direct correlation.

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            Here’s a description of Paradis from the 2009 McKeen’s Hockey Draft Guide with a quote from CHL reporter for Rogers Sportsnet Patrick King.

            Paradis makes up for a lack of skill through his work ethic, which is among the best in the draft. He’s a heart-and-soul player who recklessly sacrifices his body for his team. His defensive positioning is one of his strongest attributes, as Paradis cuts off passing lanes and will dive to knock an errant puck out of the zone.

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              Stick Work has a stellar lineup of guests this week to give listeners variety.

              Kicking off the first segment isEric Prime, who covers the Toronto Marlies for of FAN590 and Rogers Sportsnet, talks about the season thus far for the Baby Buds. Find out what he feels about young prospects, Victor Stalberg, Tyler Bozak, Jiri Tlusty and recent call up Christian Hanson. about 12 minutes long

              Eloquent and ever engaging, star of print, web, television, and now podcasts, Ryan Dixon from The Hockey News talks about the Leafs and the Habs game and expands it to the season. 12 minutes length

              One of the greatest fantasy hockey experts on the planet, Michael Finewax from Rotoworld lines up the Maple Leafs, in reality, and how it translates fantasy wise. 12 minutes length

              Fab and I discuss our Torontosaurus Rex. Enough talk ..

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                By: Gus Katsaros
                Prior to the season starting, I had written about the impact of schedules. In particular, as the Leafs face the Habs tonight after playing the previous night, while Montreal is rested. Interesting enough, the last time this happened, Toronto beat Detroit 5-1.

                Schedules make a big difference in the results of NHL teams fates during the season. In some instances, it could be the difference between a playoff spot and a tee time (and I thoroughly enjoy both – FORRRREEEE!!).

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                  This latest edition of Stick Work with Fab&Kats, features the co-hosts, expanding on the winning means nothing blog in an expanded forum.

                  Fab and I pick our Torontosaurus Rex. Fab goes the conventional route, while I pick a defenseman … It’s an abreviated, yet content-rich edition.


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                  I’ll be posting at FAN590 and Prime Time Sports personality, Bob McCown’s site moving forward in addition to MLHS.

                  My first post consisted of more point system analysis, looking at how post-expansion increases in tied games precipitated the implementation of overtime in the early 1980’s. It needed tweaking once again and then once again in the late 1990’s, and then fully eliminated with the final implementation of the shootout.

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                    By Gus Katsaros
                    The Leafs aren’t as bad as a four win first quarter. They were a playoff bubble team prior to the season, and the postseason wasn’t necessarily the goal, as was becoming competitive enough to stay in the run. They aren’t a bottom five NHL club, and unlikely to finish in a lottery position.

                    This season continues the transition like last season into shaping Toronto into a respectable organization, from management, down. That hasn’t changed with the off season moves, aside from some specific performances.

                    ‘Spirit is Everything’ is a fitting slogan .. because winning this season, means nothing.

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                      As per Darren Dreger Twitter:
                      “Christian Hanson expected to be called up by Leafs.”


                      I think eventually all of Tyler Bozak, Victor Stalberg and Jiri Tlusty will be given more auditions this season. Maybe even finish the season with the big club.

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                        Its the fourth installment of Stick Work with Fab & Kats.
                        Guests on this show include Brian Metzer, stalwart XM Radio correspondant and featured Penguins bloggger on Network Pittsburgh and We’ll touch on some Penguins rookies, the injury-ravaged defense, as well as two underperforming forwards.

                        Edward Fraser from The Hockey News chimes in on the Los Angeles Kings, Leafs opponent Carolina, Chicago and Luke Schenn.

                        Fab and I discuss our choices for Torontosaurus Rex, and boy, did Fab ever make a stretch this one …..

                        We like to give our guests the opportunity to choose their own intro theme music … while Brian’s is more recent, we’ve given Fraser’s request for Rage a different twist.


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                        Enjoy the Leafs/Carolina game and make sure to view Micheal Aldred’s preview – despite the warnings.
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                          Stick Work with Fab and Kats returns this week. Fab and I pick our Torontosaurus Rex and discuss why. I went a little off the board with a player that should be given more credit, even though I’ve been hard on him before.

                          After fixing the issues with the audio for our guests, we will bounce our selections off our first guest, Julian Sanchez of Pension Plan Puppets and he’ll chime in on goaltending amongst other Leafs related items.

                          Discussing small markets teams is Globe and Mail’s and From The Rink on SB Nation, James Mirtle.

                          Fab traveled to watch the Leafs play in Carolina, while I attended the Ottawa Senators against the New Jersey Devils last weekend. We’ll tell you about our travels and observations while James provides a more in depth look at some of the smaller markets and their travails.

                          We thank our guest for their time, and our listeners as well.

                          Enough babbling!

                          Stick Work With Fab&Kats

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                            I’ve been watching Luke Schenn closely this season, looking for creep of the sophomore jinx. Everyone is a little banged up at his junction of the schedule, but he might be playing through some hurt. The rust is off in the NHL, and players are hitting stride, making the young blueliner vulnerable as the games get more intense.

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                              It’s a pre-Halloween edition of Stick Work featuring discussions on the road swing, Jiri Tlusty, in .. Victor Stalberg out, along with Joey MacDonald.

                              Vesa Toskala, in … sort of.

                              We’ll talk about Team Canada and Marc-Andre Fleury’s position, and how Roberto Luongo’s injury affects that.

                              And we introduce a new weekly feature called the Torontosaurus Rex … a title bestowed to the exceptional Leafs player of the Week.

                              All this and more in a backdrop of Halloween in conjunction with the Michael Jackson movie This Is It, stay tuned folks, it’s going to be a thriller ride …


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                                No truer words ring out to the ears of the throng of fans and particularly management of the Leafs victory over the current GM’s former organization.

                                And it took Alice in Chains to create them.

                                Cali, you’re alright …..

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                                  With many thanx to the wonderful work of Bloge Salming, who made a valiant attempt to clean up the audio files from the inaugural Stick Work podcast.

                                  We’re continuing to look for improvements in technology for the sound quality. The intro segment follows the interviews for anybody who missed it:

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                                    It took a while, but here is the inaugural podcast of Stick Work with Fab-&-Kats. Thanx to Alec and the gang here to use the site as the platform.

                                    We were a little overzealous in our own recording segments considering how much there is to discuss in Leafs land, and took up more time than we will otherwise allot. Normally, more time will be devoted to our guests.

                                    In the first overall podcast guests include Sean from Down Goes Brown as well as MLHS very own Garrett Bauman. The audio from the telephone interviews will improve as the broadcasts return and we explore new opportunities with technology.

                                    We have to include apologies to Julian from PPP, who was kind enough to record a segment with us, but the audio was corrupt and unworkable on our part. We will have him on in the near future.

                                    We hope you enjoy the show and look forward to bringing you better productions as we move forward.

                                    So, folks, here we go … just follow the link for now

                                    Stick Work

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                                      Make sure to catch Daniel’s Rangers/Leafs preview.

                                      I’ll be attending my second Marlies game of the season today at Ricoh Coliseum at 3:00 PM. They try to avenge a loss last night to divisional rivals, Rochester Americans in the second half of a home-and-home.

                                      Watching games, got me to thinking about perspective.

                                      EDIT: Brad has a great take on this situation as well!