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Jun 27, 2014; Philadelphia, PA, USA; William Nylander poses for a photo with team officials after being selected as the number eight overall pick to the Toronto Maple Leafs in the first round of the 2014 NHL Draft at Wells Fargo Center. Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Introducing the MLHS Maple Leafs top 30 prospect rankings, complete with player-by-player scouting reports.

These rankings are based on a combination of the overall talent package for each player, plus the likelihood of them reaching their peak potential. Of course, it is difficult to quantify these traits into hard numbers, however after spending countless hours scouting each player, the chips start to fall into place as far as which players are rising to the top and which ones are slipping down the Leafs’ prospect depth chart. This list is intended to be a stamp in time, and no ranking list can be truly considered definitive. We hope to regularly update it throughout the new year and show where players are rising and others are falling.

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The Toronto Marlies are poised to announce the hiring of Steve Spott as head coach, replacing Dallas Eakins who departed for the Edmonton Oilers. While many candidates were rumored to be in the mix, it appears Spott gets the nod for his reputation as a developmental coach, something Eakins was well respected for, and certainly a top priority quality needed from the new bench boss.

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Toronto Maple Leafs (22-13-5) vs. Montreal Canadiens (26-9-5)

Hopefully you have power, and hopefully you and your loved ones survived the Great Ice Storm of 2013 over the past 48 hours.  Mother Nature is clearly a pissed off Flyers fan.

Toronto looks to make a dent in the 8-point lead Montreal has on them in the standings tonight but will likely have to do it without Mikhail Grabovski, who is sidelined with an apparent 2-year old stomach ailment.  As a father myself, it’s no coincidence that this ailment has been around the same amount of time as his children.

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Toronto Maple Leafs at Florida Panthers
Toronto Maple Leafs at Florida Panthers

The 9-6-0 Toronto Maple Leafs kick off their first of two games in Florida tonight vs. the 4-6-4 Panthers, who have lost their last three games in OT. The Panthers are once again awful after looking like a legit team again last year, currently sitting dead last in the NHL in goals against per game and not a whole lot higher (25th) in goals scored per game.

The last time the Maple Leafs were in Miami… March of 2012, they were thoroughly routed 5-2. In that game, how Tim Connolly managed to finish -3 with only 11:38 of ice time in that game I will never know… although his new AHL career seems to explain it.

Coming off a strong game vs. those grieving Ottawa Senators, if Toronto can deliver the same physical, high pressure game they have in 3 of the last 4, with Scrivens continuing to deliver in Reimer’s absence, another road win is in the cards.

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Photo: NY Daily News

Editor’s Note: We’re pleased to welcome Ian Dudgeon to the MLHS blogging team. Ian was one of the co-founders of McKeen’s He’s been busy at work assembling a database of profiles on Leafs prospects for MLHS, which you’ll be able to enjoy before long. He’s also going to be chiming in with a blog here and there.

Everyone please calm down and resume taking your medication. I have some extra Valium if you need some. There is no imminent NHL lockout. You will not be forced to watch basketball in October or November, or whenever they start playing that alleged sport. I think we will have hockey when we are supposed to and the threat of a lockout or strike is being artificially inflated by sports media who love, live for and need controversy.

The NHL tabled a proposal to the NHLPA this weekend and the collective reaction was as if everyone’s favourite commish, Gary “The Count” Bettman took the Stanley cup and used it to prop up his car while he rotated the tires. From fans and media alike, it was one of the craziest overreactions I have heard since.. well since the Leafs last made a move. But really, I should stop being surprised at how sports media react to things and how fans take their cues from them. The little picture numbers seemed scary but stepping back and seeing the bigger landscape, the NHL’s proposal was really not that concerning.