Thursday, May 28, 2015
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"Salmings_Scar" and James Reimer

Hey guys. I’m sure many of you have read the James Reimer interview on MLHS regarding Reimer’s off-season training with Adam Francilla in Maple Ridge, B.C., at FitLife Training Centre. Since I live in Vancouver, B.C., I decided I would try and go out to where he trains out here, hoping I could somehow meet him, and possibly get an autograph. So here’s my story. I hope you like it and get more hyped for the season!

So I had got a tip from a friend who did an interview with Reimer for a local paper, and he told me when I could catch all the guys training. So a couple Thursdays ago (Aug 11th), I made my way out to Maple Ridge BC (in my Leafs jersey and hat of course) where he, Andrew Ladd, and others do their off-season training. No players were there when I arrived at the facility at 8 a.m., but Mr. Adam Francilla himself was. He indicated that they were doing dry land training off sight that day, but that he could call James Reimer on my behalf. So Adam makes a personal call for me, if you can believe it, and asks him if it’s cool if I go out to their dry land track to meet him! Reimer said it was no problem at all and he’d be happy to do it.