Saturday, May 30, 2015
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    The Leafs make the dreaded trip down south tonight to face the Buffalo Sabres at the HSBC Arena.  Fresh off an ugly game against the Coyotes, Toronto will be looking to crack the seemingly impenetrable wall that is Ryan Miller.  It is perhaps a mixed blessing that the Sabres were just shutout by the Senators and Brian Elliott.  On one hand, that is the third time they have been blanked in the last few weeks and some of Buffalo’s forwards are finding it difficult to contribute consistently.  On the other hand, we all know how well the Sabres play against the Leafs (currently: 7-game winning streak) and you have to be wary of an offensive explosion.  Vesa Toskala will start tonight in net, with Jonas Gustavsson likely getting the nod tomorrow.

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      Ilya Bryzgalov and the Phoenix Coyotes roll into the ACC tonight looking to break Toronto’s winning streak.  Expect this to be a tight-checking, low-scoring affair.  Then again, we all know how the Leafs rarely do what is expected.

      *EDIT: Tough loss, but updated standings for GFWE are now included in this post!*

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        After an abysmal start at home, the Leafs look to string together four wins in a row at the ACC for the first time in almost two years.  The “Battle of Ontario” has been poignantly lacking its once-trademark intensity the last few seasons, but the introduction of new snipers Phil Kessel, Milan Michalek and Alex Kovalev give this matchup a whole new look.  With a win tonight, Toronto could potentially move into a multi-team tie for 9th place in the Eastern Conference.

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          This is the official game thread for the fourth game of our Holiday Contest giving you all the chance to win some Leafs tickets!  You should all know the drill by now.  We have over 70 eligible contestants and it promises to be a close battle until the very end (January 9th to be exact).

          *Standings, tips, and more will be up later today. EDIT: Might as well include our big win over the Sens! Look here tomorrow.*

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            This is a reminder to all readers interested in winning Leafs tickets in the MLHS Giveaway Contest.  We’ve played 3 contest games so far (with a whopping 14 more to go) and have over 200 active players!

            However, if you want to be eligible for the big prize you need to quickly e-mail [email protected] as the deadline is the end of today (Sunday) for your submission!

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              Here’s the thread for the third game of the MLHS Giveaway Contest! Washington rolls into the ACC after a thrilling come-from-behind win over the Hurricanes last night.  The Leafs will be hoping to capitalize (pun intended) on a tired team that didn’t get into Toronto until early this afternoon.

              Remember, to actually be eligible to win these tickets, you need to send your 100-word piece to [email protected] by the end of tomorrow!  If we don’t receive one by then, your point total will no longer be tracked.  Continue reading to find out the details of this awesome opportunity.

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                The first game of Get F’ed With Ed – the MLHS Holiday Giveaway Contest  is a wrap with the Leafs taking it 3-2 over the Islanders.  Francois Beauchemin was the surprise first goal scorer, something that only four (out of more than a hundred) contestants got right.  We also had one reader sweep his predictions for a full 5 points! It’s not too late to start playing and get in on the chance to win some free Leafs tickets.

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                  The MLHS Holiday Giveaway Contest is opening it’s first official game thread.  All eligible participants will have the opportunity to win a ticket to the January 14th Leafs game against the Flyers!  This is the first of seventeen Leafs games (from Dec. 9th to Jan. 9th) that will be counted towards the contest.  Simply make some gutsy predictions in these threads before the beginning of each game and try to climb to the top of the standings!

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                    A Kessel fight, a Blake goal (or two), and a Kulemin shortie.  It was a night of rarities as the Leafs took it to Columbus with a decisive 6-3 victory. Toronto beat the Blue Jackets to loose pucks all night long, forced turnovers with their speed, and miraculously capitalized on their chances.

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                      The Leafs hope to get their first three-game winning streak of the season tonight when the Buffalo Sabres roll into the Air Canada Centre.  Toronto has gone five straight games without a regulation loss (3-0-2) and hope to continue their stretch of strong offensive performances (3.8 goals per game).  They’ll be in tough against a Sabres team that is back on the winning track after a slight skid, supported by one of the hottest goaltenders this season in Ryan Miller.

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                        Jonas Gustavsson.  Phil Kessel.  Matt Stajan.  (Ok that last one was just to mess with you).  The Leafs continued their point streak and began a hopefully lengthy run of wins with a victory over the visiting Red Wings tonight.  It was an admirable performance across the board tonight as followers of this Maple Leafs squad hover in a state of trepid excitement.  One thing we can be sure about is that Gustavsson has given us a level of goaltending not seen in these parts for quite a while.

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                          At long last, Phil Kessel will don the blue and white as he takes to the ice against the Tampa Bay Lightning tonight.  He has received final clearance (after undergoing a few tests on his repaired shoulder) and will be lining up alongside Jason Blake and Matt Stajan.  While the focus will undoubtedly be on Kessel’s performance in his first game, the Leafs as a whole must maintain their recent level of play and take a win from the visiting team tonight.

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                            Reports indicate that Phil Kessel will definitely be in the lineup tomorrow night against the Tampa Bay Lightning.  The much-anticipated debut of the young winger has been a hot topic of late with information surfacing in the last few weeks that he would be ready before the previously upheld mid-November estimate.  With the Leafs playing much better in recent games, it will be interesting to see how Kessel fits in.  Fans should not expect him to be completely in form yet, as he will need some time to get into game-shape.