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Dion Phaneuf

The Maple Leafs are in Pittsburgh taking on the hottest team in the league for a true 'measuring stick' game. Looking at the table below, it's easy to see why the Penguins have reclaimed the position as the elite team in the East. Best record in the league. Check. Best goal differential. Check. Most goals for. Check. Best power play. Check. They aren't lacking in any one area of the game right now and are piping hot with a 7-2-1 record in their last 10 games. The Leafs are the Leafs we've come to know with this core group. Lights...
Phil Kessel Penguins

For the first time this season, the Maple Leafs are going to ice a lineup featuring a fully healthy group of forwards tonight with the returns of David Booth and Joffrey Lupul. Who's the other forward coming out? What are the lines going to be? We'll find out as game time approaches.   Wednesday Links: Anthony Petrielli: Leafs Notebook - November 25  (MLHS) Evan Dorey: Leafs Scoring Chance Tracking -- At the Quarter Mark (MLHS) Stephen Burtch: On Big Ice #2 -- "Basically like TED Talks for Hockey" taking place Thursday at Bathurst and Bloor (PPP) Elliotte Friedman: 30 Thoughts (Points 14-16 deal with #SaluteGate) (Sportsnet) James Mirtle: Lupul knows the Leafs...

Just a small selection of an outpouring of excellent tributes to Pat Quinn yesterday as the hockey world stopped to mourn the loss of one of its greats: Tributes -- RIP Pat Quinn (1943-2014) Anthony Petrielli: The Mighty Quinn James Mirtle: Leafs players & staff remember Quinn Steve Milton: Humble, full of heart, Quinn was pure Hamilton Steve Simmons: Quinn was a larger than life figure Michael Langlois: Remembering Quinn with fondness and deep respect David Shoalts: Quinn -- A leader who was always 'just hockey' TSN1050: Darcy Tucker shares memories of Quinn TSN1050: Scotty Bouwman shares memories of Quinn Tuesday Leafs Links: Anthony Petrielli: Leafs Notebook - November 25th (MLHS) Jonas Siegel:...

Roman Polak is out for what is being described as "a while," which is not particularly surprising given the optics of the injury he sustained to his ankle on Saturday. Also injured is the Leafs' only defence call-up so far this season, Stuart Percy, who has missed the last three Marlies games. Hurt also is Petter Granberg. Word is right-hander Korbinian Holzer will get in his first NHL regular season game since March of 2013, sliding in on the right side of the bottom pairing. While he can provide a right hand shot with some size and grit, replacing Polak, who was performing...

The Maple Leafs played a patient, disciplined game en route to a 4-1 win over the Detroit Red Wings. They were certainly out possessed in terms of zone time, but it didn't translate into a shots deficit (shots were 28-27 Leafs), which is a testament to some committed defensive play by the Leafs. The Leafs were disciplined in keeping a third man high and made the safe play more often than not on the half walls; you’d like to see the Leafs generate some more time in the right end of the rink, but bend but not break mantra would...
Randy Carlyle

Randy Carlyle addresses media following the Leafs 4-1 win over the Red Wings on Saturday night. 11/22/2014

The Maple Leafs played a strong, low-chance game against a Red Wings team that dominated them in chances in two previous meetings. Toronto had more chances at ES than the Wings in the first and third periods, including the winning goal from Peter Holland, and for a second straight game, the Leafs did a good job defending their third period lead at even strength. Detroit did have the better of the game in the second period, but Toronto was able to limit them to one goal, and got out of the period tied. Pretty much an even game at ES, as there...

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The Red Wings (10-4-5) are in town to take on the Toronto Maple Leafs (10-8-2) in an original six divisional matchup on Hockey Night in Canada. The Maple Leafs haven't had much luck against the Red Wings in their two meetings so far, a pair of losses including one in overtime. Last time the Wings came to Toronto, Zetterberg tore them apart and they got outshot in the third period 2:1 despite a 4-1 deficit. Jerseys were thrown on the ice, so on and so forth. The Zetterberg, Nyquist and Franzen matchup is an unresolved task going into this game...

Toronto media knows no bounds and keep the flames bellowed on what is certainly the biggest non-story of the year; the players chose a poor time to cut the post-game faux fan appreciation salute and have endured the wrath of Toronto's media since then. Brendan Shanahan on TSN 1050 (MLHS) Brendan Shanahan stops by the TSN booth at the Special Olympics Fundraiser and talks #SaluteGate, Leadership, Team Composition and more. Brian Burke on TSN 1050 (MLHS) Burke, also at the Special Olympics Gala. Sadly, we've heard more from the former GM of the team—and with more insight into the team—than the current GM. Game Review:...

Win or lose, the Maple Leafs haven't done anything half way in the past couple of weeks. It goes without saying that this was a major improvement from Toronto. The Leafs transition game was much better than it was against Nashville, helped by some pretty loose play through neutral ice by Tampa Bay. To the Leafs credit, there was less cheating and the D were getting the puck into the forwards' hands a little quicker, enabling the Leafs to play a faster game overall (one of the Leafs' biggest issues is that they're a fast team that doesn't play like...

If the last eight days have taught us anything, it's that this is an inconsistent Leafs team. After a terrible performance against Nashville, they came back with a strong showing against the Lightning. Toronto dominated the first period, and were unfortunate to go into the intermission level after a shorthanded goal against. While the second was more even in chances, the Leafs managed to pull away thanks to JVR and a bad Tampa giveaway, and they held on to the lead in the third. Toronto's even strength defensive play in the final period was strong, but the Lightning did put...

Head coach Randy Carlyle addresses media following the Leafs 5-2 win over the Lightning on Thursday night. 11/20/2014 - 5:12 Mins
Toronto Maple Leafs vs Tampa Bay Lighting

Toronto takes on an opponent that surely ranks as one of the last they would want to face off against while trying to regain confidence after consecutive embarrassing blowouts which have called into question everyone from the GM to the coach to the core players of the team. Indeed, it's probably the last thing the Leafs want to do tonight given the recent skid: Play at home against one of the best teams in the Conference. That's the situation they find themselves in coming off losses to the Sabres and Predators by a combined 15-4 score. After coughing up six to the offensively-inept...

Today, regarded Czech newspaper outlet, iDNES.cz, posted an interview with Roman Polak and he had some interesting comments regarding the state of the Toronto Maple Leafs. MLHS member, "drummond', who speaks Czech fluently, translated the entire interview for us below. As is the case with a number of translated interviews, some of of it can be lost in translation and some words can be misused or misunderstood. --- "Toronto is full of praise for Polak, however he laments: 'We do not play as a team'. The name of Roman Polak is frequetly mentioned in hockey circles. While in the Czech Republic performance of...
Toronto Maple Leafs vs Tampa Bay Lightning - TAMPA, FL - APRIL 8

For those expecting a significant knee jerk reaction after the gruesome losses to Buffalo Sabres and Nashville Predators, here you go: https://twitter.com/jonasTSN1050/status/535131838285897728 Thursday Links: Greg Wyshynski: Ron Wilson has scathing words for Maple Leafs fans and the ACC atmosphere (Puck Daddy) Sean Fitzgerald: Brian Burke on the media -- Why should Phil Kessel have to speak to those pukes everyday? (National Post) Jonas Siegel: Shanahan's tallest task lies with burdensome core (TSN) Tie Domi: On the pressures of playing in Toronto as a Maple Leaf (TSN1050) Laura Saba: The Toronto Maple Leafs, compete level, and accountability (Eyes on the Prize) Michael Langlois: Pride in the jersey --...


One of the ugliest displays I've seen from a Leaf team in a long time unfolded on Tuesday, as they were routed 9-2 by Nashville. The Predators dominated the first period, including a goal in the first two minutes. While the Leafs were able to limit the damage in the second, a late Nashville goal, followed up by two more in the first 90 seconds of the third, triggered a complete and utter collapse, as Nashville extended the lead to 8-0 with fifteen minutes still to play. It was one of those nights were the Leafs were not only outchanced, but...

Randy Carlyle Predators Post Game