Friday, May 29, 2015
Game Tape

Game Tape



There isn’t much I can add to the powerplay analysis that wasn’t in the write up by JP Nikota describing the Leafs use of the 1-3-1. They adopted this system in 2012-13 while more teams have incorporated the formation throughout the NHL. This may be the same reason Randy Carlyle has kept the penalty killing system intact for the last two seasons. More relevant in 2013-14 is the severe drop off in the success of killing penalties, a part of the ’12-13 Leafs that excelled while sitting at the top of the standings and helping propel the Buds into their first...


Unlike a singular rigid structure in the defensive zone, neutral and offensive zone systems fluctuate upon game factors including score, time remaining, and game situation (5v5 or 4v4). They also vary line to line and shift to shift. Varying conditions make it difficult to really pin down one specific system being applied as a core philosophy, while personnel and opposition systems further muddy the set of variables that need to be addressed. The philosophy holds the entire system together, with other variables contributing to the on-ice decisions. A primary proponent to score effects, a passive forecheck is desired when defending...

Toronto Maple Leafs Defensive Systemsvideo


INTRODUCTION I've always had an keen interest in systems, the X's and O's technical side, with a desire to document team systems across the entire NHL. Systems are mostly a coach's implementation, and once there is a coaching change there is the system change, even if it is only tweaks. I've found that doing a little systems analysis helps in the overall scouting process as well, a concept I won't go into detail on here, but I've written about its benefits on my own blog. In an effort to document the Leafs systems, I'm going to dedicate a three-post series breaking down...



To watch the whole second period, start at 1:09:29. The Leafs do their best work between the 13 minute mark (1:25:00ish) and the 2 minute mark of the period. Some notes: - The period starts off with Clarkson and Iginla dropping the mitts. PJ Stock’s point about this bout waking up the Leafs seems like a former fighter making stuff up about a momentum change that didn’t happen. In the few minutes after the fight, there was only one decent hit (from JvR, trying to get Marchand back), a couple of poor breakouts by the Leafs, and two consecutive icings with...


Missing hockey? Here's a good performance from Jonathan Bernier, wherein he turns aside 42 shots to win 3-2 over the Phoenix Coyotes on March 19. Good examples of, when on his game, how calm he is in the net and how well he handles the puck. Keeping in mind it's just a one-game glimpse, it's worth your while if you have some time to kill and want to get a feel for how Bernier tends the net.