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Jay McClement

One of the more head-scratching themes of the Toronto Maple Leafs' 2013-14 season was their penalty kill dropping from second best in the league the season prior to third from the bottom. It was a big fall from grace for a team that returned its top four penalty killers (Jay McClement, Carl Gunnarsson, Dion Phaneuf, and Nikolai Kulemin), had excellent goaltending, and the same coaching staff. The team experienced a huge nose dive in almost every statistical category. It is astonishing to look at: Other than the obvious curiosity to find out why the Leafs PK sunk like a stone, there are...
Steve Spott

MLHS' Alec Brownscombe chatted with newly-appointed Maple Leafs assistant coach Steve Spott this afternoon. There was lots to cover ahead of the new season. Alec Brownscombe: As a guy who grew up in a soccer family and whose father emigrated from Germany, you must be pretty pleased with last month’s World Cup result? Steve Spott: It was awesome. I come from a traditional German background. For our family, it was pretty special watching it. Obviously, with TFC in our city, it’s great to see the sport growing here close to home. AB: I’m a season ticket holder at TFC, actually. It’s a...

When Brendan Shanahan was introduced as the new President of the Toronto Maple Leafs, it was met with skepticism and the focus centered on Tim Leiweke’s consistent reiteration of the word “culture.” Conversely, Shanahan's focus was not on buzzwords of culture change, or calls to arms, but a methodical approach to assessing and addressing the needs of a team that has very good parts but ultimately is a poorly built team. "I’m not here today for big speeches, big words, big proclamations; None of that matters. Wins do," Shanahan said at the time. He is right, wins are what matter. But on...

The final installment of Anthony Petrielli's interview with Toronto Maple Leafs Director of Amateur Scouting Dave Morrison touches a little more on the ins and outs of the scouting process, catches up on the progress of a few members of the 2013 draft class (including Frederik Gauthier), and looks ahead to the 2015 Draft. Here's Part One and here's Part Two. Anthony Petrielli: I’ve noticed a theme in your draft history where you give a late pick or two to Thommie Bergman to use. Has there been any thought in bringing him overseas to pick apart the OHL or the...

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Tim Leiweke

A year and three months into his tenure and Tim Leiweke has already submitted his one season's notice. Never stable and ever bizarre, just another day at Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment. Friday Links: National Post: Tim Leiweke's early departure from MLSE a troubling sign for Toronto sports fan The Globe and Mail: Future looks bleak for MLSE and all its teams Elliotte Friedman: Tim Leiweke wouldn't commit to MLSE Sportsnet: Leiweke's marriage to MLSE doomed from the start VLM: Tim Leiweke's early departure -- good or bad for the Maple Leafs? Sportsnet: Analytics hires are quick fixes to PR nightmares MapleLeafs.com: Brendan Shanahan's kids gleefully douse...
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Corey Pronman on TSN 1050 Talking Leafs Prospects
Kyle Dubas

A little morning listening courtesy TSN1050's Blue Lunch -- Hockey Abstract's Rob Vollman joined the show to discuss the summer of analytics and the Leafs' recent hires. One of the field's true pioneers, Vollman is a well spoken guy who does a great job breaking down the powers and limitations of the current state of hockey analytics in this segment. Take a listen: Interesting excerpts: What would you as an analytics guy say to a coach like Randy Carlyle when trying to fix the "possession game?" Vollman: I don't often talk to coaches. It's two very separate things, what they do and what...
Brandon Pridham

The Maple Leafs have rounded out their front office by hiring a second assistant GM -- Brandon Pridham. Pridham has been working in the NHL head offices for 15 years, leaving a position as Director of the Central Registry and Central Scouting. Pridham will be the team's resident capologist and CBA expert as well as negotiate contracts with the team's pending free agents -- the role Claude Loiselle was fired from in late July. Pridham's career with the NHL began in 1999 as a coordinator in Central Scouting. He has also served in the Central Scouting and Central Registry departments; his...

The Maple Leafs have signed 2014 eighth overall draft pick William Nylander to a three-year entry level deal. This of course is standard business and changes nothing as far as the options available to the Leafs and Nylander this Fall, of which there are three: back to MoDo in the SHL, down to the Marlies, or even Mississauga of the OHL, although the latter-most seems unlikely. According to Article 9.1(d)(i) of the CBA, if Nylander plays less than 10 games for the Leafs this year -- regardless of where (including the Marlies or the SHL) -- his contract will slide because...

Last week, I looked at a WOWY analysis of Phil Kessel and Tyler Bozak, where we saw that Bozak had a much improved season over his previous seasons. I wanted to take a look at Bozak's individual statistics to see where he improved and by how much. It is fairly easy to see he had a better season last year by looking at traditional statistics. He had 49 points in 58 games for 0.84 points per game compared to 0.61 and 0.64 his two previous seasons. What is interesting is the improvement is exclusively during 5v5 play, as he had just...
Brendan Shanahan Leafs

Brendan Shanahan told reporters yesterday that the Leafs' next front office hire  (perhaps a cap guy to fill Claude Loiselle's position?) will be announced sometime next week. In other Leafs news, pictured below is what the new Legends Row monument outside the ACC will look like once completed, courtesy of James Mirtle. Teeder Kennedy was the first name unveiled for the monument yesterday.   courtesy @mirtle Friday  Links: Toronto Star: Ted's son Mark Kennedy talks about how special the inclusion in the monument would be to his late father Canada.com: Brendan Shanahan says Leafs off-season work still ongoing. He's also expected to meet with...

Wednesday Leafs Links: PPP: The 'Top 25 Under 25' Leafs Prospect series is back Reddit: Members of Kiss receive Leafs jerseys before their show at the ACC last night Toronto Sun:  Names of players on the new monument outside the ACC will begin to be unveiled on Thursday Toronto Star: Maple Leafs to give rings to '60s champs MLHS yestserday: What's Ailing the Leafs' Penalty Kill - Part 1 TSN1050: Down Goes Brown joins Macko and Cauz