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Now, I for one dislike the “coulda, woulda, shoulda” debate when it comes to the National Hockey League Hockey Hall Of Fame.  After all, I think it somewhat demeans and disregards the accomplishments of those who are selected, and that simply isn’t right.

No one knows better than I do how much Dino Ciccarelli deserves the call to the Hall.  I have been telling more or less anyone who will listen for a number of years that I thought he belonged.  I couldn’t be happier for  Angela James and Cammi Granato, the first female players to be enshrined.  And Jim Devellano and Daryl “Doc” Seamen are both incredibly intelligent men who deserve their spot along hockey’s greatest.

But as a Leafs fan, it’s hard not to feel selfishly snubbed once again.  With yesterday’s vote for the Hall of Fame here and gone for another year, the only thing I could think of wasn’t what was, but what could have been.

And what could have been would have been really special.