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    It’s fairly obvious the Leafs are a team that wanders around looking for a win like men in a desert. Once they get close enough to civilization, it turns out to be a mirage.

    Update: After careful deliberation, our very own Gus Katsaros was not only credited with his Kessel/Savard information, but he has been invited to appear on Hockey Central at Noon today during the show’s 2 hour timeslot beginning at 12:00 EST. More info inside.


      At long last, Phil Kessel will don the blue and white as he takes to the ice against the Tampa Bay Lightning tonight.  He has received final clearance (after undergoing a few tests on his repaired shoulder) and will be lining up alongside Jason Blake and Matt Stajan.  While the focus will undoubtedly be on Kessel’s performance in his first game, the Leafs as a whole must maintain their recent level of play and take a win from the visiting team tonight.


        While many of us were toiling away on “live online blogs” to get our hockey fix, a few MLHS writers were fortunate enough to make the trip down to see Game 2 of the rookie tournament in Kitchener against the Boston Bruins. Down at the rink, MLHS’ own Gus Katsaros managed to sneak in a few minutes with Leaf GM Brian Burke and rookie Nazem Kadri to chat about the game and the upcoming season.


          Some changes in information:

          • Hits newsstands September 8th, available at all Indigo Chapters stores in Canada as well as wherever magazines are sold in the greater Toronto area, including Walmart, grocery stores, drug stores, newsstands, etc. Apparently the the only magazine outlet in the GTA it isn’t available at is the Toronto airport.
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          • Pre-ordering not only guarantees you a copy but will get you one a week in advance as preorders are shipped August 25th with a 2-5 day waiting period for arrival.
          • My apologies for the mistakes in my original information.

          Debunking growing speculation that I’ve been kicking my feet up on the beaches of Cancun and ignoring all of you for the last month, myself alongside publishing company Maple Street Press are very pleased to introduce the inaugural Maple Leafs Annual. Before we get into the thick of it, I’d like to first of all thank MSP for offering me the opportunity to edit, and contribute to, this project. Although at times taxing, to see this Annual come together has been an extremely satisfying and mostly fun endeavour. I was put in the unique position of being able to unite the prominent and growing voices of the Leafs’ blog-o-sphere into a consolidated project, and for that I’m very thankful. The final product is one that I think all of Leafs Nation can be proud of.


            A combination of terrible goaltending and suspect defensive coverage undid the Maple Leafs tonight as they sat on an early 3-0 lead thinking they would ride it to the finish line, failing to take into the account the fact that, with a goaltender that’s seriously struggling between the pipes, leads can disappear on the turn of a dime, let alone over the course of 40 minutes. The end result is one which will please neither side of tanking/playoff spectrum.


              ESPN’s Pierre LeBrun is reporting that Brian Burke has been kicking the tires on a more adequate back-up for Vesa Toskala than Leafs’ current incumbent, the antiquated Curtis Joseph. What was initially tabbed as win-win move has proved to be a misstep engendered by nostalgia. The mandate wasn’t overly demanding for Joseph as the logic was that Vesa Toskala, coming off an impressive first year as a full-fledged starter, would only require relief for 15 games on the season. This hasn’t worked out for two reasons – Curtis Joseph has not proven adequate enough to play at a passable level for 15 games on the season (4.12 GAA, 0.843 SV%) and Toskala hasn’t by any stretch of the imagination been the unquestioned starter he was last season.


                Just received an update from a source. Nothing concrete, as pretty much all rumours concerning Brian Burke’s potential moves are speculative at this point. However, a few interesting tidbits were mentioned.


                  November 20, 1974
                  Toronto’s Dave Keon played in his 1,000th career NHL game, and scored his fifth career hat trick, as the Maple Leafs lost 8-5 to the Pittsburgh Penguins. Keon became the third player to appear in 1,000 games with Toronto.

                  -Gus Katsaros


                    Sorry for the delay guys.  We greatly appreciate the flood of great questions and comments, and are sorry to say we couldn’t get to them all. We’ve all been pretty busy lately for a variety of reasons, so without any further ado, let’s get started on the 1st ever Maple Leafs HotStove Hockey Panel Discussion.

                    Forming our panel for this session is Alec Brownscombe of Hockeybuzz and MLHS godfather, Gus Katsaros of Mckeen’s and MLHS fantasy expert, and myself, Alex Tran, an MLHS blogger.


                      Gus Katsaros, an amateur scout and fantasy hockey contributor to McKeen’s Hockey, will be fielding your fantasy questions below. If you wish to have your questions answered privately, e-mail him at [email protected]


                        Alright guys, gonna be putting together an MLHS feature article and we need your help!

                        In the article, we’re gonna have two of the more prominent Maple Leaf writers, and current MLHS contributors: Hockeybuzz’s Alec Brownscombe and Mckeen’s Hockey’s Gus Katsaros.

                        What these two, along with myself, will be doing is answering and discussing Leafs related questions.

                        Alec follows the Leafs on a regular basis and speaks frequently with Cliff, while Gus is an amateur scout and fantasy expert for Mckeen’s scouting services, so feel free to ask anything Leafs related of that capacity.

                        Draft questions? Leaf prospect questions? Fantasy questions? Leafs ’08-’09 questions? Post them in the comments section, and we’ll be sorting and answering them in a feature article shortly.

                        Bring ‘em all on!