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Photo Credit: thehockeynews.com

Writer and columnist Adam Proteau has been with The Hockey News since 1999. He is a frequent contributor to radio — including his role as host of THN’s Radio Show on XM Satellite Radio — and TV programs across North America and won the Professional Hockey Writers Association’s award for best column in 2005-06.

Adam took some time from his busy schedule to answer some of our questions. This is an interview we did earlier this year and since it’s pretty quiet on the Leafs front I thought it would be a good idea to publish it here since I never published the English version of the interview. Links below.

It has been 13 years since you first joined the Hockey News. What does covering the game of hockey mean to you personally? What are the main talking points that get you going for a new NHL season?

Covering the game means a chance to analyze and offer opinions on something that means more to my country than the political process. Not sure how healthy that is, but it’s the same in every country with one sport or another. But I do like examining hockey as a microcosm of the bigger society we live in, and point out the logical deficiencies that exist.

In terms of talking points, the changes that are made in the off-season always are a good entry point into each new season. Fans love change, and even though I’m not a fan in the traditional sense anymore, I’m the same in that sense.