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    To clarify when and where this publication will be available: It will be available in Indigo Chapters stores across Canada as of September 8th. It will also be available in most locations where magazines are sold throughout the GTA on that date. It is not available in stores south of the border.

    Ordering over the Maple Street Press website here involves only a $5 USD shipping charge, not an $11 charge as originally suggested. Pre-ordering not only guarantees you a copy but will get you one at least a week in advance of that September 8th date.

    Shipments for all pre-orders are made August 24th, with a 2-5 day waiting period for arrival.


      Some changes in information:

      • Hits newsstands September 8th, available at all Indigo Chapters stores in Canada as well as wherever magazines are sold in the greater Toronto area, including Walmart, grocery stores, drug stores, newsstands, etc. Apparently the the only magazine outlet in the GTA it isn’t available at is the Toronto airport.
      • Should you wish to PREORDER, the SHIPPING FEE has been dropped from $11 to $5.00. Everyone who has already preordered will be credited the $6 difference.
      • Pre-ordering not only guarantees you a copy but will get you one a week in advance as preorders are shipped August 25th with a 2-5 day waiting period for arrival.
      • My apologies for the mistakes in my original information.

      Debunking growing speculation that I’ve been kicking my feet up on the beaches of Cancun and ignoring all of you for the last month, myself alongside publishing company Maple Street Press are very pleased to introduce the inaugural Maple Leafs Annual. Before we get into the thick of it, I’d like to first of all thank MSP for offering me the opportunity to edit, and contribute to, this project. Although at times taxing, to see this Annual come together has been an extremely satisfying and mostly fun endeavour. I was put in the unique position of being able to unite the prominent and growing voices of the Leafs’ blog-o-sphere into a consolidated project, and for that I’m very thankful. The final product is one that I think all of Leafs Nation can be proud of.