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LeafsLunch: As far as the culture that’s something that’s been talked about today. The way the hockey team plays, what has to change for them to be a more difficult team to play against and basically play better in their own end?

Dave Nonis: Well, I mean you’ve watched us play for a couple years. You know, you never want to just point back to last year but, we by and large had the same personnel this year with a few exceptions but, the bulk of our team was back and if you look at our GF and GA they’re almost inverted from last year. They, we were a much more difficult team to play against uh then we were this year. We were tougher on the puck. We were more committed to playing umm

Dave Nonis: there was more of an identity and more players I would say played a little bit outside their comfort zone. You know players that weren’t necessarily great defensively paid more of a price to be a better defensive player. Ummm, that to me, you know, what needs to change I think a lot of it is committing to what needs to be done. Are there personnel issues? Yes. Of course you can look at changing some personnel but uh it’s more than that. It’s about committing to the system and committing to things that you just don’t want to do.

LeafsLunch: Are you surprised or shocked, you said during the beginning of the season they were getting away things, playing a certain style. That they were getting points they maybe shouldn’t have got but, there wasn’t a change in the structure in the defensive zone as opposed to committing a system that didn’t really work at the end?

Dave Nonis: Well, I think the system works if you execute it. There’s a big difference between a system doesn’t work and not executing i and as a player you know, you start having success and you have a month, month and a half winning hockey games and you have a coach and a coaching staff, or anyone else, media saying “You know what, you’re not going to keep winning like this” the players mindset is different. It’s ” Well, we just won, we just won again, we just won again” and I think that, that once it starts to crumble it’s hard to get that back. It’s hard for them to get back the time they weren’t playing well as a team

Leafs Lunch O’Neill: I know I also hate coaches yelling at me Dave and if he’s telling me to do a certain thing out there and I don’t do it consistently I don’t like the coach yelling at me so I want to change according to him.

Leafs Lunch:That’s what we were talking about a lot especially down the stretch. I mean is it the chicken or the egg. Is it the coach that is responsible to make sure that the players do it or is it the players that are responsible to make sure they do what the coach wants?

Dave Nonis: Well, I think that everyone holds some responsibility. I think if you’re pointing at one person I don’t think that’s a fair assessment of how a team operates. I also think that if you look and ask the players did they felt like they were beaten by the coaching staff ummm I would expect that 90% would say no. You know umm, Mike Babcock is pretty hard on his players uhh I don’t think anyone ion Detroit is arguing with the results. They’ve…there are people that are harder on players than others and some that have a soft way of doing things. The notion that Randy beat the players into submission all the time is not true. It’s just not true. Ummm you know, are there issues of how the players played down the stretch for him? Of course there are but uhh this isn’t a guy that was yelling and screaming and if you look and say this is the new age, the new wave of player that can’t handle it uhhh any kind of pushing or uhh the stick as opposed to the carrot again I wouldn’t look too much further than the Detroit Red Wings to show you that that’s not true. You know he…Mike Babcock is a very difficult coach to play for……

LeafsLunch: Demanding, yeah

Dave Nonis: and they played very hard for him so I don’t buy that

LeafsLunch: A lot has been made of the challenges of the leadership group in the room Is that something that is certainly concerning for you? Is it something that needs to be addressed or is it something that’s being overblown?

Dave Nonis: Uhh I think it needs to be addressed to a point. I think to throw everything on the leadership group it’s very popular uhh but I don’t think it’s uhh a necessarily fair assessment. Uhh I think the leaders on our group, we have a larger group, people look at the captaincy or the guys who wear the ‘A’ as the only guys who have an influence. You know when you have a team that’s fairly young, I think were still the 5th or so in terms of average age you need the group collectively to show some leadership ummm did we fail in that regard down the stretch? I think we could have done a better job but to point the finger directly at certain people I don’t think that’s a fair assessment.

LeafsLunch: Did you get the impression like this team quit down the stretch?

Dave Nonis: No. I don’t think it’s that at all. I think obviously disappointed with our play but I don’t think the players quit. I think that they lost confidence in uhh themselves and more importantly at times they lost confidence in each other and that led to a spin that just couldn’t get out of. uhhh I don’t think they mailed it in. I think there’s a lot of disappointed people uhhh but I do think that the confidence level, maybe the lack of maturity ummmm showed itself

LeafsLunch: How does this final 14 game stretch, where going into it you guys were 9 points into a playoff spot and you finish 9 points out, that’s a remarkable run of failure. How does that change you evaluation of the team.

Dave Nonis: Well, I don’t think it changes it, it should be part of it. If we weren’t, if we didn’t have the slide at the end we would be talking about playing this week so I think it has to be part of the evaluation or else you’re not doing a very good job of evaluating your group ummm It’s easy to look and again I think that’s why we have to step back a little and take some time. If we look at the last 3 weeks of the season we want to get rid of everybody, right? [Chuckles from LL crew] And that’s not a very smart thing to do.

LeafsLunch: You can’t

Dave Nonis: You cant and you’re going to be getting rid of some pieces that help you long term that are important pieces on winning teams that you know are sought after by other teams for a reason ummm that is not a very wise way of moving forward. uhhh it’s important to step back,as hard as it is and really take a good look at what we do have and the changes we want to make. If we were making decisions as a group and your listeners and you guys talk to them all the time if we made those decisions today this would be a much different looking team next year and I’m not telling you it’s going to be for the better

LeafsLunch: We mention of course the cap era, we are well aware of it. You guys have about 49 million committed to 12 players going into next season. With that being the case, in the cap era, how much change really can happen in the course of one off season?

Dave Nonis: Well it’s funny in the cap era that’s a lot of money. A lot of money available it’s not a little. You it’s, look at a lot of teams that may have zero available or cap hits for bonuses that are going to come off next year. So there’s opportunities for us umm there’s opportunities for us to add people, there’s opportunities for us to move people that have fairly significant contracts but we’re not starting with 2 million dollars in cap space which is nice. It’s difficult when you’re right up against it, having the cap go up, we don’t know what the number’s going to be yet but we have contracts that are burning off, we have some penalties that are burning off as well that are going to give us some more room ummm you know we have to find ways of spending that money wisely.

Leafs Lunch: Looking back on it now what would you have done differently?

Dave Nonis: Well it’s easy to say that today but again if we’re all being honest and looking at a team the night of the trade deadline we’re 10 games above 500..so…ummm…thee thee changes you’re going to make don’t come after the deadline they come before and for us to make changes and we did try to make them at the deadline to address certain things but they were not in the best interest of our team long term. They were not, they were what we were just talking about. They were moving young players that could help us for 10 years for players that could help us for 2 years uhh That wasn’t something that you know I think uhh was in our best interests you know when we were having the success early on, looking back now uhhh may have wanted to do more to address the feeling of the team despite the fact we were winning but again that’s easy to look back now after we’ve gone through what we’ve went through.

LeafsLunch: Last one, after you signed Clarkson you said you weren’t worried about ears 6 and 7, you were worried about year 1. We know what happened in year 1 not only with him but with the team. Was there too much focus or expectation with this team and are you going to take a step back and say considering what happened we have to think more long term.

Dave Nonis: I don’t think we have to think more long term than we have. uhh You know again every move in terms of giving up assets that we have have been players that are young, uhh have time to spend with us you know. Trading a 2nd for Bernier wasn’t giving up a pick for an old goal tender it was trying to think long term. Not moving our 1st round pick at the deadline when that was what it would take to get a player like Vanek uhh that was something we chose not to do. ummm Historically one of the problems with this organisation has been succumbing to the pressure of the now and not thinking about the long term so..umm..I think.. you know our group was committed to the long term success and, and as painful as you know, you might feel along the way uhh if we’re going to have any true success it’s going to be with long term thinking not thinking about next year or the year after.

Rupert Ryan

(NHL.com) On Thursday, The Toronto Maple Leafs signed London Knights forward Ryan Rupert to a three-year entry-level contract.

Rupert, 19, had 73 points (21 goals, 52 assists), 54 penalty minutes and a plus-36 rating in 68 regular-season games for the London Knights of the Ontario Hockey League. In 10 playoff games so far with London, Rupert has three goals, seven assists and 10 penalty minutes.

Selected by the Maple Leafs in the sixth round (No. 157) of the 2012 NHL Draft, Rupert has 194 points (58 goals, 136 assists) and 279 penalty minutes in 224 games with the Knights over four seasons. He was a member of the Knights’ back-to-back OHL championship teams in 2011-12 and 2012-13.


Fenwick chart for 2014-03-29 Red Wings 4 at Maple Leafs 2

EV fenwick chart for 2014-03-29 Red Wings 4 at Maple Leafs 2


Toronto Maple Leafs vs Detroit Red Wings

Jonathan Bernier (25-19-7)L28240.85758:13:00
Troy Bodie007:30100001000
Dave Bolland0011:51-104831000
Tyler Bozak0019:290101481021
David Clarkson0011:02-100011100
Jerry D'Amigo00:0020002010
Cody Franson1019:27-220005200
Jake Gardiner0223:19120002100
Tim Gleason0014:20000005102
Carl Gunnarsson0021:22010003410
Nazem Kadri0014:20-200650012
Phil Kessel0018:07-134000102
Nikolai Kulemin0011:14110001100
Joffrey Lupul1017:51030003001
Jay McClement0113:20100663000
Dion Phaneuf0022:51-310001200
Mason Raymond0017:20-250000100
Morgan Rielly0118:41020002011
James van Riemsdyk0019:04-142013200


Jimmy Howard (18-18-11)W27250.92660:00:00
Daniel Alfredsson0113:11120000001
Joakim Andersson0112:28010550010
Todd Bertuzzi0014:52010000100
Danny DeKeyser0123:30120005202
Johan Franzen0116:49120223000
Luke Glendening0014:26000552001
Darren Helm3011:56162071100
Tomas Jurco0016:05-140002100
Jakub Kindl0212:49200001100
Niklas Kronwall0026:22:00100003301
Brian Lashoff009:08010001000
David Legwand0015:34112790000
Drew Miller0013:33010000100
Gustav Nyquist1016:01130101000
Kyle Quincey0022:00000002300
Riley Sheahan0015:35032461020
Brendan Smith0022:29000000001
Tomas Tatar0015:36112002020
Toronto Maple Leafs vs Detroit Red Wings

David Clarkson

It’s not time to sound the alarm, but the sense of urgency is heightened across Toronto.

The Leafs are still firmly in a playoff spot and, other than Detroit (who has three games in hand on the Leafs, but are also missing Zetterberg and, for the moment, Datsyuk), the 4+ point gap the Leafs have on everyone else is a much tougher hill to climb than it looks because of the “three point era” in the NHL. It’s extremely tough to make up ground at this stage of the season in this day and age.

Gold is Canada’s and the players are on flights back home.  The NHL season starts up again on Tuesday with just nine days remaining until the March 5 NHL Trade Deadline.  As the Toronto Maple Leafs push towards its second consecutive playoff berth, could Mason Raymond’s 16 goals and 19 assists in 60 games this season make him one of the hottest buys on deadline day?

The Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics

The Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics – Men’s Hockey Schedule


Olympic Mens Hockey Schedule


Preliminary round:
Feb. 12, 12 PM ET: Czech Republic vs. Sweden (Group C)
Feb. 12, 12 PM ET: Latvia vs. Switzerland (Group C)
Feb. 13, 3 AM ET: Finland vs. Austria (Group B)
Feb. 13, 7:30 AM ET: Russia vs. Slovenia (Group A)
Feb. 13, 7:30 AM ET: Slovakia vs. USA (Group A)
Feb. 13, 12 PM ET: CANADA vs. NORWAY (Group B)
Feb. 14, 3 AM ET: Czech Republic vs. Latvia (Group C)
Feb. 14, 7:30 AM ET: Sweden vs. Switzerland (Group C)
Feb. 14, 12 PM ET: CANADA vs. AUSTRIA (Group B)
Feb. 14, 12 PM ET: Norway vs. Finland (Group B)
Feb. 15, 3 AM ET: Slovakia vs. Slovenia (Group A)
Feb. 15, 7:30 AM ET: USA vs. Russia (Group A)
Feb. 15, 12 PM ET: Switzerland vs. Czech Republic (Group C)
Feb. 15, 12 PM ET: Sweden vs. Latvia (Group C)
Feb. 16, 3 AM ET: Austria vs. Norway (Group B)
Feb. 16, 7:30 AM ET: Russia vs. Slovakia (Group A)
Feb. 16, 7:30 AM ET: Slovenia vs. USA (Group A)
Feb. 16, 12 PM ET: CANADA vs. FINLAND (Group B)

Playoff round:

Feb. 18, 3 AM ET: PLAYOFF QUALIFICATION - Austria vs. Slovenia
Feb. 18, 7:30 AM ET: PLAYOFF QUALIFICATION - Norway vs. Russia
Feb. 18, 12 PM ET: PLAYOFF QUALIFICATION - Latvia vs. Switzerland
Feb. 18, 12 PM ET: PLAYOFF QUALIFICATION - Czech Republic vs. Slovakia
Feb. 19, 3 AM ET: QUARTERFINAL - Slovenia vs. Sweden
Feb. 19, 7:30 AM ET: QUARTERFINAL - Russia vs. Finland
Feb. 19, 12 PM ET: QUARTERFINAL - Czech Republic vs. USA
Feb. 19, 12 PM ET: QUARTERFINAL - Latvia vs. Canada
2014 Sochi Olympic's Mens Hockey Schedule

The Olympic Mens Hockey Schedule as now moved away from the preliminary stages of the hockey tournament, and onto the qualification stages.

As Leaf fans, and primarily Canadians, there’s an allegiance to root for the Canadian Olympic Men’s Hockey Team, but with 3 Toronto Maple Leafs going to the 2014 Sochi Olympics, one for Russia (Nik Kulemin) and two going for Team USA (Phil Kessel, James van Riemsdyk) there could be a certain contingent of fans in the camp of: “If Team Canada is out of it early, I’m rooting for Team Kessel/JVR” with support going to Toronto’s two stars.


An exciting game at Tampa Bay Times Forum tonight, as an ominous start by the Leafs, except for Jonathan Bernier, gave way to a better final 50 minutes and ultimately a good road win overall. For the 11th time this season and second time in three games, the Leafs outshot their opponent (36-34).

James Reimer

It was 4-1!

Leafs vs Stars

The Toronto Maple Leafs are in Dallas (8 p.m., TSN) looking to extend their winning streak to 7 games— which would be their longest in 11 years (2003).

The last time the two teams faced off, the Leafs won 3-2 off a Trevor Smith tip in overtime. Nazem Kadri scored twice in regulation.

Dallas is mired in a poor stretch of play –  2-7-1 in their last 10 games – but won their last game 4-0 over Minnesota on Tuesday. Their top line is a serious threat, with Benn and Seguin combining for 86 points between them this season, compared to JvR and Kessel’s 91. After their dynamic duo the Stars have a bit of a drop off in production, with no other player scoring at a greater than .50 points-per-game rate (compared to the six scoring at .50 or greater for the Leafs).

The Stars’ bigger issue, though, has been keeping pucks out of their net, as they sit 25th in goals against (2.96 per game). The Stars and Leafs actually stack up one behind the other in both goals for and against, with the key differences being the Leafs’ easier Conference and their ability to collect points via shootout.

FINAL MTL (6) - DAL (4)
FINAL DET (5) - DAL (1)
FINAL DAL (3) - NYI (7)
FINAL DAL (0) - NJD (1)
FINAL DAL (2) - NYR (3)
FINAL NYI (4) - DAL (2)
FINAL EDM (2) - DAL (5)
FINAL BOS (4) - DAL (2)
FINAL DAL (2) - MIN (3) OT
FINAL DAL (1) - NSH (4)
FINAL MIN (0) - DAL (4)

Toronto’s play has been remarkable of late—and specifically Phil Kessel, who has climbed up to 4th (tied) in the league for goals scored with 26.  The Leafs’ No. 1 line has now amassed a stupefying 42 points in their last 12 games together. Kessel enters tonight riding a seven-game point streak (six goals, 14 points). The Leafs have won just five games without a Kessel point this season – how will the team fare when he is eventually kept quiet?

Jonathan Bernier is expected to get the start after Reimer pitched in with a great start in Colorado. Bernier is  riding a four-game win streak (2.45GAA, .935SV%).

Toronto Maple Leafs Lineup


Dallas Stars Lineup


Lineups Courtesy of Dailyfaceoff

Dion Phaneuf

These Leafs are rolling.

Their first six game winning streak since 2006 comes thanks to another offensive explosion and a commendable effort in a back-to-back situation at mile-high altitude against a top team in the West. The Leafs chased goaltender Semyon Varlamov, who was 11-0-5 in his last 16, with three goals on their first 10 shots.

Jonathan Bernier

The eighth shootout win of the season (an astounding 36% of total Leaf wins) comes in unconvincing but much needed fashion.

There’s a couple of ways you could look at this one depending on how optimistic you want to be. The Leafs had a goal called off unjustly on a phantom goaltending interference call, which may have ensured a regulation win. On the other hand, the Leafs were outshot 38-25 and spent their typical extended spells snowed under.

Devils head coach Pete DeBoer was thrilled with his team’s effort in their third game in four nights, and thought the Leafs were lucky to emerge with the two points. He even used the word “robbed,” which is a bit rich considering the terrible call on the disallowed goal.

With how few and far between the points have been, the Leafs will take it and hope to build on two improved efforts versus the Capitals and Devils, at least over what we saw earlier in the week against Rangers, Islanders and Hurricanes.


This was the first loss of the season that can be definitively attributed to poor Maple Leafs’ goaltending. Not that the Leafs were totally convincing otherwise, but they carried the shots advantage and play for the first 40, as well as a 4-0 advantage in powerplay opportunities, and came out of it tied at 2s. No excusing three of the four goals on Jonathan Bernier tonight, and yet he remained in the net through 59 minutes.


Preview: Toronto Maple Leafs vs New York Islanders

The Toronto Maple Leafs’ first blowout loss of the season came at home to the Columbus Blue Jackets back on November 25, a game much like Saturday night’s in that the team was plainly outworked from puck drop. After getting booed off the ice, the Maple Leafs were probably happy to take to the road for the three games afterward. Booed after each period en route to a 7-1 loss to the Rangers and apologizing after the game on Saturday, the Leafs won’t get the same reprieve tonight. With a tenuous hold on the final wildcard spot, the Leafs will need to bounce back on home ice against a team they should be able to beat in the New York Islanders.