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    With many thanx to the wonderful work of Bloge Salming, who made a valiant attempt to clean up the audio files from the inaugural Stick Work podcast.

    We’re continuing to look for improvements in technology for the sound quality. The intro segment follows the interviews for anybody who missed it:

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      To clarify when and where this publication will be available: It will be available in Indigo Chapters stores across Canada as of September 8th. It will also be available in most locations where magazines are sold throughout the GTA on that date. It is not available in stores south of the border.

      Ordering over the Maple Street Press website here involves only a $5 USD shipping charge, not an $11 charge as originally suggested. Pre-ordering not only guarantees you a copy but will get you one at least a week in advance of that September 8th date.

      Shipments for all pre-orders are made August 24th, with a 2-5 day waiting period for arrival.


        As reported, Leafs deal Kubina and then turn and sign Mike Komisarek. $4.5 per for 5 years (pretty damn good value).

        Burke’s defensive corps is starting to take its shape… Leafs getting increasingly badass.

        Update: Komisarek turned down more money to go to T.O.


          Alright guys, gonna be putting together an MLHS feature article and we need your help!

          In the article, we’re gonna have two of the more prominent Maple Leaf writers, and current MLHS contributors: Hockeybuzz’s Alec Brownscombe and Mckeen’s Hockey’s Gus Katsaros.

          What these two, along with myself, will be doing is answering and discussing Leafs related questions.

          Alec follows the Leafs on a regular basis and speaks frequently with Cliff, while Gus is an amateur scout and fantasy expert for Mckeen’s scouting services, so feel free to ask anything Leafs related of that capacity.

          Draft questions? Leaf prospect questions? Fantasy questions? Leafs ’08-’09 questions? Post them in the comments section, and we’ll be sorting and answering them in a feature article shortly.

          Bring ‘em all on!