Breaking News: Rangers Prospect Cherepanov passes away during KHL game


    From TSN:

    New York Ranger prospect Alexei Cherepanov collapsed on the bench at or near the end of Omsk’s Kontinental Hockey League game and died a short time later, he was 19.

    Omsk head coach, Wayne Fleming said Cherepanov collapsed on the bench during the third period of the game and did not see anything that happened on the ice that may have contributed to it.

    Fleming also said medical authorities tried to get Cherepanov’s heart beating again after it had stopped.

    Sources in Russia tell TSN that the ambulance that is normally at all games had already departed and had to be called back.

    It is not clear exactly how long it took for Cherepanov to be transported from the rink to the hospital but one source in the arena told TSN it was “probably 15 or 20 minutes.”

    Also, there is some question as to whether defibrillators at the arena were in good working order.

    From a Russian Blog:

    “The young forward unexpectedly collided with his teammate during the change. Soon after a 19-year-old hockey player’s heart stopped, and he was sent to the resuscitation.”
    “Update:According to comments on it was Jagr’s elbow. Jarg is Cherepanov’s teammate. Apparently Jarg didn’t see him. Afterwards Jagr was shouting “Wake up Alexei” and was in tears.”

    What a terrible tragedy…

    RIP Alexei.