Taking Your Questions!


    Alright guys, gonna be putting together an MLHS feature article and we need your help!

    In the article, we’re gonna have two of the more prominent Maple Leaf writers, and current MLHS contributors: Hockeybuzz’s Alec Brownscombe and Mckeen’s Hockey’s Gus Katsaros.

    What these two, along with myself, will be doing is answering and discussing Leafs related questions.

    Alec follows the Leafs on a regular basis and speaks frequently with Cliff, while Gus is an amateur scout and fantasy expert for Mckeen’s scouting services, so feel free to ask anything Leafs related of that capacity.

    Draft questions? Leaf prospect questions? Fantasy questions? Leafs ’08-’09 questions? Post them in the comments section, and we’ll be sorting and answering them in a feature article shortly.

    Bring ’em all on!

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    Alex has been a part of the original MLHS team since way back in 2008. He has contributed to the 2009-12 Maple Leafs Annuals with a special interest in junior hockey and player development.