Yes or Nonis? The Conclusion


    Just under a week ago, Burke requested and received permission to speak with the Ducks’ front office advisor Dave Nonis. Wednesday, the Leafs formally presented Nonis with an offer to join the franchise with the same position he held under Brian in Vancouver. Today, Nonis accepted the deal and has joined the Maple Leafs front office.

    From an interview on TSN, Burke told the panel that “David Nonis brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to [the] hockey staff. [They] have successfully worked together in the past, and [Nonis] has a deep understanding of contractual, legal and financial matters as well as scouting and roster management. He’ll be an asset to [the] organization in several areas.”

    The 42 year old has worked with Brian Burke for 6 years under stints in both Anaheim and Vancouver. The deal is believed to be around the length of 5 years, and while the Ducks preferred Nonis to remain in Anaheim, the Maple Leafs made it known that money was not an object. While Nonis will not be the general manager under Burke, he will be paid a top general manager’s wage.

    Nonis, the Burnaby, BC native and cousin to TSN’s Darren Dreger, helped create the 1994 Collective Bargaining Agreement and has worked with the league’s arbitration team. Nonis’ big landmark in hockey history is his trade for goaltender Roberto Luongo in his first season as the Canucks’ GM.

    Nonis will become senior vice-president of hockey operations in Toronto. This furthers the Maple Leafs continuation of adding hockey knowledge to their management.

    Micheal Aldred
    [email protected]