Twas The Night Before Christmas…..


    Ed. Note: Thanks to all our readers and contributors for making the first four months at MLHS a success and cheers to a great year ahead. Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas folks…..this is a small attempt at poetic humour…hope you all enjoy. -Rib

    Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the land

    The Leafs were all resting and so were the fans.

    Sundin was done waffling, his game on delay,

    The Canucks were happy he’d decided to play.

    The Leafs at five hundred, a holiday surprise

    Ron Wilson was smiling, but not at his guys.

    I went to the window and looked down below

    and there was Sean Avery, out in the snow.

    He whispers, he smiles, “come closer” he beckons,

    I think he said something about sloppy seconds.

    When all of a sudden, he looked to the right,

    And several blue jerseys, emerged from the night.

    What with my wondering eyes should appear?

    A whole bunch of Leafs from all the past years.

    It’s Gilmour, and Leeman and Potvin and Vaive.

    It’s Apps and Mahovlich, are they still alive?

    I closed up my window and went back to bed,

    as Bower and Sawchuk made saves in my head.

    The night got so quiet, then a horrible noise,

    awoke me from sleeping and killed all my joy

    At the end of my bed, with pencil in hand

    stood one Howard Berger. Well isn’t this grand?

    I rose from my sleep to see what he was doing

    He was poised at my window just standing there, booing.

    He yelled and he clapped and he called them by name

    he told the old Leafs to go back where they came.

    Then he jumped from the window and landed below

    and then disappeared somewhere in the snow.

    And as he ran off through the snow and the fog

    He said “Leaf fans are mindless. It says so in my blog.”

    And as the snow fell down that slippery white slope

    I fell fast alseep, filled with nothing but hope.

    Hope for the future, with speed and hard work.

    Hope for the era of one Brian Burke.

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