Game 2: Canada vs. Kazakhstan


    Canada is ready to face-off against their second opponent in the World Juniors round robin, team Kazakhstan. Della Rovere, arguably Canada’s grittiest player on the roster, suffered a slight leg injury after blocking a shot against the Czech Republic Friday night, but will play regardless. Shows a lot of heart.

    The two top lines of Esposito, Tavares, Didomenico and Hodgson, Boychuk , and Eberle are ready to dominate another team, but while they are looking forward to this matchup, they are already looking two games ahead, to New Year’s Eve, when they will play the United States for the first time this season – a team that TSN believes has the strongest line in the tournament, though I’m sure several teams and fans alike think otherwise.

    Chet Pickard will get the start tonight. He’s arguably the better goaltender of the two, but will not look to land the number 1 position, but instead seek out the victory. If everything falls into place, he’ll land the position by providing a strong effort game in and game out. While there may be a competition between the two, they ultimately want the W, for it is all about the team, and not about one player.

    The game kicks off today at 3:30.

    Go Canada Go

    Micheal A. Aldred
    [email protected]