Ray Emery a Victim of the Cap… Again.


    Haha maybe Ray Emery has a personal vendetta against caps (baseball and salary), who knows. Seriously, this guy has a Owens-esque ability to attract negative media attention. Will he ever get it?

    After being pulled from a KHL game on Wednesday, Emery just seemed to lose it. Once on the bench, one of the Russian trainers came over to Ray and insisted several times that he put on the team’s baseball cap. Emergy proceeded to bat the trainer’s face away with his glove, before both men engaged in a grade school style staredown. Determined not to lose that epic challange of one’s manhood, they glared at each other for a good 5-6 seconds before Emery decided to throw a punch. After being restrained by several other team staff, Emery seemed to calm down a bit before quickly breaking free and chased the poor trainer down the team hallway.

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    Here was the statement released by his agent, JP Barry:

    “From what I understand, Ray was upset about being pulled, he was hot and his head was sweaty,” said Barry. “He told the trainer three times that he didn’t want the hat and then the guy gave him a tough-guy stare. Ray then pushed him away.”

    Too bad, because he’s actually in the midst of a fantastic KHL season, posting a 2.00 GAA and a .930 SV% through 32 starts. I wonder if we’ll see NHL teams showing interest in him this upcoming summer now that he’s shown he’s still got some game left, or will his crazy antics scare everyone off.

    Would you mind seeing him on the Leafs next season if Toskala is traded? Between Emery, Wilson, and Burke, you gotta figure that the Toronto media types would be in golden quote heaven.

    P.S. With all the attention on fighting and violence in hockey lately, I’m currently working on a small article that’ll talk about the statistical and financial aspects of fighting in hockey. Hope to have that up soon.

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