1) Brian Burke’s received two offers of a second round pick for Dominic Moore. Burke’s trying to up the ante in order to also land a 4th rounder in 2009 as the Leafs are without one.

2) Looked into it… the Martin Gerber rumour has some legs as the Leafs consider shutting Toskala down for the balance of the season. It’s no secret that there is zero trust in Curtis Joseph at this time and Justin Pogge’s currently struggling to hold down the starter’s position in the AHL. For the season ticket holders’ sake, Burke does not want to be perceived as though he’s throwing in the towel on the season if he elects to shut down VeTo. A move such as this would undoubtedly upset the pro-tankers among us, but to stay as competitive as possible through to the end is a Burke trade mark. Gerber’s contract expires at the end of the season, so if Burke opted to pluck him off re-entry waivers it would be a case of no harm, no foul, at least from Burke’s perspective.

3) A source I spoke with said he would be surprised if Burke settled for anything less than a first rounder in return for Nik Antropov.

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