The latest from a trusted source:

“Burke may have been playing possum in order to move up to get Duchene when he was saying he wanted Tavares but no one is indulging him….

Rumor is that there will be no movement in the top 3 as the Islanders and Avalanche want Duchene but  the Avs will settle for Tavares.  Duchene, Hedman, Tavares in that order apparently.  However, Burke is BEGGING the Thrashers to make a move here and is offering Kubina and the 7th for the #4 and a roster player which would be more of a salary move for Atl.  He wants to hold onto Kabs as ammo for another larger move. Rumblings are that it may be Kessel…. as rumoured, the Bruins were hot for Kabs at the deadline. The Kings are also a possible trading partner as Burke would be more than happy with Kane if thrashers took Schenn-remember I told you Burke loves some of L.A.s prospects-especially Teubert/Simmonds.  If Kings lose Johnson it makes perfect sense that Kabs would be moved there… they cannot afford another season out of the playoffs.  Burke is interested in Jaybo, is definitely not interested in the Sedins at their asking price nor Camallieri for that matter.  Burke doesn’t want to set the trend here in terms of market value for free agents this year as he believes that many teams will be hesitant to overspend due to cap projections for a year from now.  He may lie in the weeds to see how the spending shakes out before he gets into the UFA market.  Burke is going large and it remains to be seen whether he can find a dance partner.”

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