More Draft Scuttlebutt


    The latest from a source: some insight about potential candidates if Burke winds up stuck at the 7-spot, potential trading partners and Burke’s interest in two top 15 picks if his quest to trade up fails.

    “I am hearing that Burke may be trying to position himself with two top 15 picks…I don’t see him taking Svensson as it just doesn’t seem to fit with what the Leafs need at this point.  If Cowen is healthy I think he’s the pick.  Kassian is obviously a Burke type of player and I wouldn’t put it past him to roll the dice on him either.  Surprisingly, there are those that believe that as much as Burke would want Schenn, if Kane is still available he may be compelled to take him… I am hearing that teams who believe they are close to competing for the cup – F lyers, Sharks, Hawks-may be willing to move some young assets and picks at the draft for more established veterans with short term deals.  This may bode well for the Leafs in terms of moving Kabs, Kubina, Poni etc…There are also several teams – Flyers, Rags, Bolts – who are desperately trying to unload salary which may make for some desperate GMs at the draft which will also benefit the Leafs as they are in a position to take on salary but Burke will not accept anything longer than a 2 year term on those contracts.”

    Two top 15 picks? Cowen and Kassian? Hmmmm… certainly some interesting possibilities.