Gustavsson Update (Kinda)


    Here’s the lowdown on the latest installment in the epic Jonas Gustavsson saga. Earlier this afternoon during the media scrum to announce the Beauchemin and Kadri signings, Brian Burke mentioned that Gustavsson and his agent had informed him that they had set a deadline for tomorrow to make a decision. However, Burke did follow up that statement by explaining that all of the deadlines set thus far had been self-imposed, and that he would not be angry if Jonas needed more time.

    On the heels of this news, Sportsnet’s hockey insider Nick Kypreos explains that his sources have told him that Gustavsson is expected to sign with the Toronto Maple Leafs tomorrow. Toronto is 6 hours behind Swedish time, so it’s possible that an announcement may come out in the morning or early afternoon. In the meantime, here are another few sneak peeks at the best goaltender currently not in the NHL.

    Update: The Star confirms that Gustavsson is indeed expected to announce his signing with the Leafs today, and also mentions that they may have potentially found a new trading partner for Kaberle: the St. Louis Blues, who are loaded with all sorts of premium young offensive talent.