• Mike Van Ryn has some interest with an expiring contract, affordable cap hit and considering he played well when in the lineup last year.
  • White is a Wilson & Burke favourite, but if Burke can maximize the return on White he would heavily consider moving him as he will command a hefty pay raise after this season.

The latest team by team rundown re: Kaberle:

  • The Blue Jackets: a possibility but they’d have to part with Voracek, which has Howson reluctant.
  • The Canucks: Hodgson isn’t going anywhere but Hansen and Grabner may be available.
  • The Sabres: The two teams talked about Kaberle at the deadline. Stafford plus is the return Burke’s seeking, but unlikely to realize, there.
  • The Blues: The rumour circulating is that Pleau will part with Backes but that Burke would want Oshie or Berglund. The Blues are not interested in moving either player.
  • The Kings: Don’t appear to be interested anymore.
  • Some buzz that the Panthers may part with Horton for the right deal.
  • The Hawks: are in cap trouble but unless they include Beach, Barker or Seabrook in a deal that would include Sharp, it’s unlikely anything will transpire there.

Look for an exciting announcement to come forth next week that will explain my absence this month.