Looking Back at Luke Schenn


    Now that we’re nearing the start of the season, Luke Schenn is entering sophomore jinx season. Many players have fallen into this category, but based on the level of talent he was matched up against last season, it’s difficult to imagine him being bitten by this curse. In order to really appreciate what Schenn brings to the club for this season, we must look back at all he has done last year. Here’s a look at my top 5 Luke Schenn moments of 2008-09.

    5. Schenn Erases Dvorak

    4. Schenn Erases Malkin, Destroys Kennedy

    3. Schenn Erases Crosby

    2. Schenn’s Hits, Control, Defense

    1. Schenn’s Gordie Howe Hat-Trick

    I am extremely excited to see what the rookie sensation can do this year. A warning to the other 29 teams in the league – if you come down his wing, prepare for pain.

    Also, happy birthday 1 day early to MLHS, a Leafs fan’s home away from home.

    Micheal A. Aldred
    [email protected]