It is unfortunate that I must formally announce the death of a beloved ideology by a faction of Leafs Nation. Actually, it’s not unfortunate … it’s about time, really …

    I was fortunate to be asked to contribute a sentence or two regarding what fans are looking forward to in this upcoming season, for a feature article by Adam Proteau of The Hockey News. But they forget a most critical line of the commentary:

    Splintered storylines abound, but it’s all about the boom, crash, bang. Newly injected toughness, a new-look defense and improvements between the pipes excites Leafs Nation into a frenzy for a possible playoff race.

    That was my contribution, but to my chagrin, they cut out what I felt to be the most important line:

    “Rest in Peace Tank Nation.”

    Circa January 2008 to July 1, 2009.
    And don’t you rear your f***en face around here again.

    PS — Alec, you can remove that category now … we won’t be needing it.

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