Is It Really This Bad?


    You all know the record (0-5-1). However, has the Maple Leafs play thus far really warranted that record? Anyone who has watched all the games will probably say yes, yes it has. But what do the numbers look like?

    Well, the numbers are ugly. I know you’ve probably heard most of these stats before, but here they are:

    • Allowed first goal in all 6 games
    • Outscored 10-2 in first period (-8 differential is last in NHL)
    • Last in goals against per game (4.67)
    • Second last in penalty-kill percentage (58.3)
    • Only team to use 3 goalies thus far

    Doesn’t look good, does it? There is one positive stat though: the Leafs are 8th in the league with a 27.8 power-play percentage. However, they are 22nd in the league with only 18 power-play opportunites. In other words, they’re good on the power-play, but aren’t generating enough chances.

    So even the one positive stat has a negative side to it. But the question is: How worried are you? Will they turn this around any time soon?

    I’m worried that this team just isn’t as good as we had hoped or expected. My biggest fear is that the Leafs will end up in the draft lottery again, but with no draft pick. I’m sure this thought has crossed Brian Burke’s mind as well.

    As you can probably tell, I’m having trouble seeing any positives here. My hope for this season is really starting to fade. Is the return of Gustavsson all we have left? Or are we hoping that Kessel is the saviour? Or is one lucky bounce all that is needed to get things going? Help me out here. What is keeping your ‘beleaf’ alive?

    Update: Brian Burke’s take

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