Leafs in Vancouver, Bowen, Burke


    Joe Bowen checks in from Vancouver and discusses the current predicament for the Leafs in goal. Leafs brought four goaltenders with them to Vancouver. Brian Burke discusses his lack of interest if he meets with Gillis or not.

    Joe Bowen says the difficult part for Francois Allaire is that “there are only two nets on the ice, so trying to get everyone enough work and making sure the wounded get back into game shape will be a difficult task as far as allocating who gets to do what, and when and where. So the road trip is a great time for this team to be on the road and get the time for what needs to be fixed.”

    The Leafs will play the Canucks tomorrow night at 7:00 PM EST, a game that I will be liveblogging on The Score. The Leafs are still chasing down their first win of the season, while the Canucks are coming off an impressive game against the Chicago Blackhawks on Wednesday.

    There is still no word as of yet to who the Leafs will play in goal, but the odds seem to be in Gustavsson’s favor despite having just one practice since recovering from his brief injury stint with a groin issue.

    The Leafs visit the Canucks after settling a tampering issue that occurred during the 2009 NHL Entry Draft in which Burke, Nonis and Fletcher discussed a rumored deal between the Canucks and Lightning. As per the Vancouver Sun:

    “If I didn’t see Mike, that wouldn’t be a snub,” Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Brian Burke (above) says of meeting Vancouver Canucks GM Mike Gillis while here for Saturday’s Canucks-Leafs game at GM Place. “In my building, I always go down and talk to the visiting GM, ask him if they need anything. I don’t know what Mike does. If I see him, I’ll say hi to him, but if I don’t see him I wouldn’t consider it a snub.”

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