Podcast: Stick Work with Fab&Kats


    It took a while, but here is the inaugural podcast of Stick Work with Fab-&-Kats. Thanx to Alec and the gang here to use the site as the platform.

    We were a little overzealous in our own recording segments considering how much there is to discuss in Leafs land, and took up more time than we will otherwise allot. Normally, more time will be devoted to our guests.

    In the first overall podcast guests include Sean from Down Goes Brown as well as MLHS very own Garrett Bauman. The audio from the telephone interviews will improve as the broadcasts return and we explore new opportunities with technology.

    We have to include apologies to Julian from PPP, who was kind enough to record a segment with us, but the audio was corrupt and unworkable on our part. We will have him on in the near future.

    We hope you enjoy the show and look forward to bringing you better productions as we move forward.

    So, folks, here we go … just follow the link for now

    Stick Work

    [email protected]

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    Gus Katsaros is the McKeen’s Hockey Director of Analytics & Pro Scouting and has been writing at MLHS since 2009.