Podcast: Stick Work3


    Stick Work with Fab and Kats returns this week. Fab and I pick our Torontosaurus Rex and discuss why. I went a little off the board with a player that should be given more credit, even though I’ve been hard on him before.

    After fixing the issues with the audio for our guests, we will bounce our selections off our first guest, Julian Sanchez of Pension Plan Puppets and he’ll chime in on goaltending amongst other Leafs related items.

    Discussing small markets teams is Globe and Mail’s and From The Rink on SB Nation, James Mirtle.

    Fab traveled to watch the Leafs play in Carolina, while I attended the Ottawa Senators against the New Jersey Devils last weekend. We’ll tell you about our travels and observations while James provides a more in depth look at some of the smaller markets and their travails.

    We thank our guest for their time, and our listeners as well.

    Enough babbling!

    Stick Work With Fab&Kats

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