Kaleta Hits Ross – 1 Year Suspension?


    The OHL featured almost an identical hit that had Michael Liambas being suspended for an entire season, now the NHL gets its first taste of the hit. Patrick Kaleta hit Jared Ross in almost a complete copy as the Liambas hit.

    Click here to see the hit.

    It begs to question if this hit will get anywhere near the same look. The injury to Ross is nowhere near as horrible, but it's the exact same hit on the exact same play. A dump in has the goaltender out to slow it down, the defenceman turns to shoot it away and on his follow through takes the hit from behind and goes face first into the glass.

    My question to you is whether or not you feel this is worthy of a serious suspension or if the NHL is going to do its own thing and ignore the whole lesson of "players must respect each other more" the OHL threw out on Liambas.

    Micheal A. Aldred

    [email protected]