Get F’ed With Ed – the MLHS Holiday Giveaway


    In the spirit of the holidays (and to cheer us all up after that blowout loss), MLHS is going to be giving you all the opportunity to win some Leafs tickets!

    I’m sure you all sit at home and fume at the mausoleum-like ACC crowd.  Groan in frustration when the loudest sound in the arena is the guy selling Klondike bars.  YOU have the chance to break that.  The chance to get in the face of the sushi-eaters and absolutely appall them with your unrestricted enthusiasm and passion (gasp!) for your team.  Thanks to one of our veteran posters, Ed Flannery, we at MLHS are proud to announce the beginning of an exciting new contest.  Three of our loyal readers will get the chance to go show the ACC how to properly cheer for a hockey team.

    Ed has graciously offered to have the three winners accompany him to the January 14th Leafs game against the Philadelphia Flyers.  They will meet him before the game starts to grab some drinks and get pumped for some hockey.  We at MLHS know that any one of our readers will do us die-hard Leafs fans proud at a game (and in some good seats to boot!).  We are thrilled to be hosting a contest that is sure to get some competitive juices flowing over the next month.  Don’t miss out on the rare chance to win some free tickets, get rowdy, and enjoy it in the company of fellow true Leafs fans!

    The Prize

    The THREE winners will get to accompany Ed Flannery to the January 14th home game against the Flyers to support your Maple Leafs.

    The Contest

    Get F’ed with Ed is a month-long contest.  You’ll be making 3 predictions before every Leafs game, and be awarded a certain amount of points, as follows:

    1. The Winning Team (1 point) – Which team will win the game? (don’t worry, you aren’t obliged to pick the Leafs)

    2. The Final Score (2 points) – Predict the final game score!  WHEN (in OT, SO, or regulation) the game is won is NOT required.

    3. The First Goal Scorer (2 points) – Who is going to score the first goal of the game? (your selection can obviously be from either team)

    All eligible participants’ scores will be tallied, updated, and displayed as ongoing standings.

    It BEGINS with this Wednesday, December 9th’s game against the New York Islanders.

    It ENDS with the Saturday, January 9th game against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

    That’s 17 games, full of a whole lot of predictions, surprises, and competition.

    After the 17th, final game against the Penguins, the three winners will be chosen from the top 10 contestants in terms of overall points.

    How Do I Play?

    1.  To be an eligible contestant, you will have to submit a short (100-word maximum) bit telling us:

    • Your name
    • The display name with which you post on MLHS
    • Age (must be 19 or older, see the rules below)
    • Location (the ability to actually attend the game is very important)
    • Why would you like to Get F’ed with Ed at a Leafs game?

    These should be sent to [email protected].  Deadline for submissions is 11:59 PM Sunday, December 13th.

    Let us stress that only with this submission are you eligible for winning one of the tickets.  That is why you have more than a week to write yours, let your friends know, and get them in on time.  We will be tracking all predictions for the first 3 of the 17 contest Leafs games.  If after the submission deadline we have not received anything from you, your score will no longer be recorded or considered for the prize.

    2.  At some point (<48 hours) before every of the 17 Leafs games, there will be an official contest game thread posted.  You will submit your three predictions (winning team, final score, and first goal scorer) for THAT particular game.  Submissions will only be accepted on the official thread, and will be accepted until one minute before game time as indicated by your time of posting.

    Eg. For a 7:00 PM game, anything showing up as being posted later than 6:59 PM will NOT be accepted.

    Your predictions will be recorded, points will be awarded after the game, and a database of all eligible participants will be maintained.

    So the first contest game will be this Wednesday against the Islanders.  The official contest game thread will appear a day or more before then, and you can all start submitting your first predictions.  We will record all submissions for the first three games, but after that Sunday, Dec 13th submission deadline only the points of eligible contestants will be tracked.


    1. Submit your 100-word piece with the appropriate information by the submission deadline in order to be an eligible participant.
    2. Submit your three predictions (winning team, final score, and first goal scorer) in the relevant official contest game thread no later than one minute before game time.
    3. E-mailing your predictions or communicating them via a third-party is NOT accepted.  Only posts by your display name (as indicated in your submission) in the official thread will be considered.
    4. You must be 19 or older to be considered eligible for this contest.  As there will be alcohol involved, this is a strict policy.
    5. The three final winners will be selected from the top 10 in terms of overall points.  In a situation where there is a tie for positioning in lowest portion of the top 10, all contestants with that lowest mark in terms of points will be included in the draw.  Eg.  If there are multiple people with 15 points and that is the lowest point total to be included in the top 10, all contestants with 15 points will be included in the random draw.
    6. Do NOT edit your posts.  Any form of cheating will result in immediate disqualification.
    7. Only one username can be entered per person.
    8. In general, we have a good group of people over here at MLHS, so let’s keep it clean.
    9. These rules are subject to change, especially during the first stages of this contest as we discover all of its nuances.
    10. *You may only post one prediction per game.  Should you post additional predictions at any point throughout the thread before that night’s deadline, only the last post will be accepted.  The rest shall be ignored.
    11. *In a situation where a game is tied 0-0 and goes into the shootout, the first goal scorer will simply be the first player to score.
    12. *Final-score points will only be awarded if you correctly predicted the score AND winning team.

    *New rule


    All contest-related questions should be sent to [email protected]

    It was Ed Flannery’s initiative to offer up his tickets for some sort of holiday contest.  We hope that good-natured cheer carries over to this contest.  We at MLHS see it as a fun opportunity to reward some of the best Leafs fans out there with the chance to enjoy a game at the ACC. Remember, get those submissions in and be ready for the first official contest game this Wednesday!