Win Leaf Tickets! Get F’ed With Ed: Game #2 (Dec. 10 vs Boston)


    The first game of Get F’ed With Ed – the MLHS Holiday Giveaway Contest  is a wrap with the Leafs taking it 3-2 over the Islanders.  Francois Beauchemin was the surprise first goal scorer, something that only four (out of more than a hundred) contestants got right.  We also had one reader sweep his predictions for a full 5 points! It’s not too late to start playing and get in on the chance to win some free Leafs tickets.

    First, a brief preamble:

    Make sure you read the introductory post for this contest here.  It has everything you need to know about how the contest works and what you need to do to play.  The three winners will get to attend the January 14th Leafs game with Ed Flannery, a MLHS veteran with some spare tickets (great seats too!) and the desire to show the ACC how to root for their team.

    Get F’ed with Ed is a month-long contest.  You’ll be making 3 predictions before every Leafs game, and be awarded a certain amount of points, as follows:

    1. The Winning Team (1 point) – Which team will win the game? (don’t worry, you aren’t obliged to pick the Leafs)

    2. The Final Score (2 points) – Predict the final game score!  WHEN (in OT, SO, or regulation) the game is won is NOT required.

    3. The First Goal Scorer (2 points) – Who is going to score the first goal of the game? (your selection can obviously be from either team)

    All eligible participants’ scores will be tallied, updated, and displayed as ongoing standings.

    Today is the second of the seventeen games that will be counted for Get F’ed with Ed. Submissions will only be accepted on this thread, and will be accepted until one minute before game time as indicated by your time of posting.  Remember, you may only post one prediction per game.  Should you post additional predictions at any point throughout the thread before that night’s deadline, only the last post will be accepted.  The rest shall be ignored.

    Most importantly, to be considered as an eligible participant of this contest you need to send in a 100-word submission by the  Sunday, December 13th deadline to [email protected] (read about what you need to include).  We’ll happily record everyone’s points for the first three games of this contest, but if you have not submitted your piece by the deadline, you’ll no longer be considered eligible for the prize and we’ll stop tracking your standing.

    Now, here are the results after one game:

    Falcon was the only contestant to go 3-for-3 on the predictions and thus sits atop the standings with 5 points. Congrats!

    -Seventeen readers are tied for second with 3 points.  They all predicted  a Leafs win and got their extra 2 points either from Beauchemin’s first goal or the final 3-2 score.

    Most contestants have at least one point (after predicting the win)

    It is most definitely still anybody’s game! With 16 games left to go in the contest, everybody should get in on the action for their shot at the big prize.  However, you must remember to hand in your submission, as only40 out of the 130+ contestants have done this so far.

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or here on the site.