GFWE Game #13 Predictions


    The Leafs venture into Calgary attempting to win against a Flames team that has been heating up of late.  Jonas Gustavsson will get the start in net for Toronto and will likely be dueling against Miikka Kiprusoff.

    GFWE: Current Standings and Fun Notes

    leafsFTW is holding onto his lead but the race is getting tight as the final five games of this contest get underway.

    1. leafsFTW (13 points)
    2. Zoonpolitikon (11 points)
    3. JasonTrent, Carltonthebear, M9 (10 points)

    Five contestants with 9 points each round out the current top 10.

    -There have still been no more “prediction sweeps” (all three predictions right for any one game)

    -An overwhelming 94% of contestants chose the Leafs to win against the Islanders on December 23rd.  Only two contestants got any points that night.

    -Ironically enough, almost 50% of you readers chose Pittsburgh to win over Toronto on the following Sunday.  This is by far the most predictions in favour of the opposition thus far.  Funny how things work out, eh?

    -Phil Kessel has disappointed contestants over 150 times so far by failing to score the first goal.  Next highest Leaf? Alexei Ponikarovsky at 65.