Get F’ed with Ed – The Winners!


    1 month.  17 Leafs games.  A 6-9-2 record for our inconsistent Toronto squad.  More importantly, over 1500 sets of predictions were made.  MLHS is happy to present the top 10 and final 3 winners of the Leafs tickets from Get F’ed with Ed.

    For those of you who missed this contest’s introduction, and are just simply confused by the constant appearance of “that GFWE thing”, you can read all about it here.  Essentially, readers at MLHS have been submitting predictions for a month (17 Leafs games).  They’ve been rewarded for guessing the right team and final score while predicting which player would tally the first marker of each contest.  The three ticket winners were randomly drawn from the top 10 point-getters.  There have been puzzling predictions, laughable ones, and some that simply make no sense.  Before we get to the top 10 and the final 3 winners, here’s a brief glance at how we at MLHS think (don’t worry, no names will be attached to anything embarrassing).

    Surprising Leafs

    -Phil Kessel disappointed MLHSers almost 200 times by failing to score the first goal in any of the seventeen games.

    -Alexei Ponikarovsky, Niklas Hagman and Matt Stajan (GASP!) were neck-and-neck for the next-highest-predicted Leaf.

    -The Leafs scored first just six times during this contest.  The magicians that pulled this off? Beauchemin, Blake (x2), Stalberg, Kaberle and Schenn.

    -Most surprising Leafs win?  Sunday the 27th against Pittsburgh according to the almost 50% of contestants who chose the Penguins to take that one.

    -Most disappointing Leafs loss? Wednesday the 23rd against the Isles.  So say the two contestants that are still gloating over their Islanders pick.

    Are you Serious?!

    -For the very first game of this contest, a (possibly intoxicated) user suggested that the Islanders would walk away that night with an 8-0 victory. While you should never be surprised to how bad this Leafs team can be, said user’s prediction that Bill Guenin” would score the first goal of that contest was a little questionable.

    -The second of the three times the Leafs played the Buffalo Sabres during this contest an optimistic contestant picked Toronto to blow open Ryan Miller in a 6-0 Leafs triumph.  Still waiting on that one, eh?

    -The “wait, REALLY?!?” goal scorers of this contest: Stuart (of the Bruins) and Schenn (attaboy Luke!).

    -For that same first game against the Isles, somebody out there chose the Leafs to take it by a score of 6-3.  Their first goal scorer was simply “ninja”. Come again???

    -We had only one “unofficial” predictions-sweep.  That’s guessing the team, the score, AND the goal scorer.  I hope our reader played Proline that night (after nailing the Leafs first game in this contest as a 3-2 win over the Isles).  Even though it goes into the book as an unofficial part of this contest (this reader never officially registered), that was an epic benchmark of fortune-telling that was never matched.

    The Top 10

    The following users should be congratulated on a hard-earned place in the top 10 that came right down to the wire.  Note that users with the same amount of points are in fact tied, and their ranking therein is irrelevant.

    1. Zoonpolitikon (19 points)

    2. leafsFTW (17 points)

    3. modernhipster (13 points)

    4. ribbeye17 (13 points)

    5. JasonTrent (11 points)

    6. Carltonthebear (11 points)

    7. 2 Minutes for Looking so Guru (1o points)

    8. Andrew R (1o points)

    9. Uncle Otis (10 points)

    10. M9 (10 points)

    Fun Notes: I’m happy to say one of our own, Andrew R, made his way into the top 10 choosing nobody but the Leafs to win (yes, it was possible).  Also, Zoonpolitikon stole the #1 spot from leafsFTW (after a few weeks of leading) with 8 points in his last 4 games.  If only Phil Kessel could throw down some similar production!


    You may have just jumped straight down to this part.  That’s OK.  Take it in, but then go back up and read it all so you don’t miss out!  As indicated in the rules, the winners were drawn at random from the top 10.   The system was based on a weighted lottery, so the following results shouldn’t be too surprising (no Bettman conspiracies please).

    The deserving winners are:


    *Replaces another contestant who was unable to attend.

    Congrats guys.  Please be sure to check your e-mails promptly so you can confirm some details with us.  For backup reasons, I urge all of the top 10 to be watching their e-mails within the next few days just in case.

    I hope everyone enjoyed this contest, especially the competition and fun it brought to our site.  It showed a lot of the hope that we MLHSers and Leafs fans hold on to when it comes to our team.  We should all thank Ed Flannery for his gracious ticket provision that allowed us to host GFWE.  Be happy that the winners will bring some sorely lacking rowdiness and excitement to the ACC on Thursday with Ed.