Grabovski Arrested


    From Damien Cox: “This isn’t how the Maple Leafs hoped Mikhail Grabovski would be spending his Olympic break. The 26-year-old centre was arrested at 2:30 a.m. Saturday by Vancouver police and kept in jail overnight after allegedly being involved in a street altercation. Grabovski was apparently released to his parents at about 9 a.m. Saturday.”

    It sounds like Grabovski, who has a bit of a temper, got a little too angry. This makes it sound a lot less like Grabo turned into the Hulk and started to smash people and a lot more like he was involved in a hair pulling match in which his parents had to pick him up from school while the principal waved his finger.

    “The details of the incident are unclear, but apparently an argument on the street escalated into a situation in which punches might have been thrown, possibly at least one by Grabovski. No charges had been laid as of late Saturday evening.”

    Brian Burke released a statement.

    “Since we are presently investigating this matter, the team will not provide any further comment at this time.”

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