Seabrook KO’d by Wisniewski


    Once again, a hit to the head results in a dangerous play. Now that the NHL is looking to add a new “head-shot” rule, it seems the hits are becoming more glaring and frequent than ever before. There are many opinions behind the events. Some feel now that the head-shots are public, players are doing it more often because it is in the back of their minds, while others feel it is a total lack of respect in the game that leads to inexcusable and vicious contact.

    Last night, the Anaheim Ducks met up with the Chicago Blackhawks. During one shift, Blackhawks defenceman Brent Seabrook hit down Corey Perry. Ducks’ defenceman James Wisniewski took notice of the collision, charged after Seabrook, and threw himself into him against the end boards. Seabrook had his back to the boards at the time with his head down looking at the puck as Wisniewski jumped to explode into his body. Seabrook then stood dazed before collapsing to the ice.

    The penalty on the play? A 2 minute minor for charging.

    As one viewer puts it: “More disturbing than the number of headshots is the refereeing. James Wisniewski gets a minor for charging? How can you introduce a headshot rule when the referees can’t call the rules they have right now.”

    Another: “Watched it, it was a clear intent to injure the other player. When the malice and intent is this bold & clear, the perpetrator should be banned for the season. No clue why it was only 2 minutes, he charged at him AND left his feet, should be a double minor. Shame on Wisniewski and most certainly a suspension under the current rules, but like I said when it’s an undeniable, clear intent to injure another player and that sort of mentality needs to be severed immediately … ban them for the remainder of the season, guarantee you they will be a changed man.”

    It’s time for you to be the judge of the hit. Click here to see it. Is this simply a 2 minute minor for boarding, or is this clearly an intent to injure?

    Micheal A. Aldred
    [email protected]