’09-10 Player Reviews: Luke Schenn


    We’ve partnered up with Pension Plan Puppets to bring to you a Player Review series, where we will be evaluating and grading the 2009-10 season for every Leaf who featured in a significant number of games for the Blue and White last season, with an eye towards 2010-11. Next up we feature Luke Schenn, profiled by Skinny Fish:

    Luke signed a Maple Leafs Annual and I'm boasting about it.

    “The Summary: People will point to the Calder worthy performance of Tyler Myers, or the Norris worthy performance of Drew Doughty and then say that Schenn had a terrible season; a sophomore slump if you will. Those people are dead wrong. Doughty is among the elite of the elite defensemen in the game, and Tyler Myers benefited from being on a Sabres team with terrible defense while playing in front of the game’s best goal in Ryan Miller. Schenn, on the other hand, played on a team with proven veteran defensemen like Beauchemin, Phaneuf, and Kaberle. Another thing to note is that Schenn was never touted as a point producing blue liner; his game is out of a shut down style of play against tough competition. Myers led his team with nearly 3 minutes of PP time a game; Schenn averaged 14 seconds.

    In my and many others opinion, Luke Schenn was brought up to the NHL at a far too early age. He should have played another year in the WHL before playing for the Toronto Marlies this past season. Far too often in the Maple Leaf’s past they have hurried youngsters and ultimately missed out on their potential. This is now even more a risk in the salary cap era as now two years have been wasted on Schenn’s ELC, bringing ever closer to the eligibility for dreaded free agency.

    Schenn is just now starting to show the skill that warranted his high selection back in 2008 just like other draft picks from that year such as John Carlson, Alex Pietrangelo, and Colin Wilson. Normal prospects take time to mature before being thrown to the wolves of the NHL, fortunately it looks like Schenn, despite all the mistakes made with him thus far, is still going to develop into a great player.

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